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Map playability and signs

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Now the game you have at the moment is without a doubt a great game, you can PVP you can roleplay and even with the limited building parts we have we can still build some awesome things but we can’t build everything and at the minute the maps are pretty simple in the way of exploration so I think it would be really awesome if you could add more playability to your maps. In the home screen your character is in a bunker if in a map you could make it possible to enter the bunker that would be awesome you could do similar things with this like adding a sewer system to the city or allow us to go in some buildings in the city.

now one thing I’ve noticed I need an others have said this aswell SIGNS would be so awesome it saves us from saying things over and over again when people join not only this but you can put them out the front of houses to say who lives there or maybe you don’t want someone going somewhere in say a pub you have made you could put a sign saying restricted access this would so helpful. Other than that there’s not much else to add maybe a few smaller probs like cans of food or a lates with food in them. But yeah Thankyou hope you add my suggestions or atleast some of them cheers ?

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