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So I've updated my suggestions as I have spent more time in the game...

1. Emotes: the game would be greatly improved by adding some basic emotes, such as lying down, crouching (in firefights), and maybe a wave. While this may take some significant coding to the character model, I feel it would make it more fun and realistic. 

2. Roofs: could there be some sort of angled block or way to make an angled surface? This would largely diversify building, on things like house roofs and car jumps, etc.

3. Safe mode: this one may be more a little harder, but I'll give it a shot. When a player enters a server, they would not be able to take damage (get killed) until THE FIRST TIME THEY DRAW THE GUN. That would decrease the damage of the hostile psychopaths who take all the fun out of the game. *this feature could be toggled by the server owner*

Additional Suggestions: 

I. Vehicle health- vehicles explode when shot or crashed too many times 

II. Friends list: ability to friend players, then see when they are online and what server they're in, so you can join them.


Again, take what you want and leave the rest. This is simply what I think would be the best improvements to make at this point...


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