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    First you need to fix the lag even with good internet i still lag players suddenly teleporting also fix the battle physic after i shoot the bow it takes 1-2 seconds before the arrow will launch and add code locks, access on cabinet, team invitation. that's all I want you should add/fix this to the game in sure it will be pretty good game it has a potential
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    I know this problem already posted but ,just a reminder for this bug is so bigdeal about the game, Pls fix this problem together with the next update before of this year. One rocket all the things inside it will Gone ?? Make foundation, wall, ceiling better stronger than doors, ADD a Triangle foundation/wall/ceiling too thanks
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    Make voice to speak with all of people ?
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    A month - it's not so long ? We are planning an update before Christmas
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    Maybe your base got raided?
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    Catsbit please record the new update for we
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