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    [US] Servers

    [US] Servers are already available in the game!
  2. @Blaer А можете указать конкретнее? Россия-то большая)
  3. What country do you live in? Asking because of your high ping
  4. I think that there's a need to reply! Thanks for your very useful suggestions! I've added a lot in our to-do list!
  5. Please precise what server it was on. These players will be banned. Piggy was banned from the forum for his spamming and abusive behaviour, he can still play the game.
  6. Restarts are made for servers to operate stable. We make restarts regularly, it depends on the load of servers. Resources have no impact here. Bigger map would't help. Optiimization would help. After the restart all buildings and resources are supposed to stay. There's no bug with doors now, that was fixed on our server update. Wipes go with updates. After wipes all is gone. "Because some stay and some go" sounds like nonsense.
  7. What country do you live in?
  8. There was a failure after restart. Sorry for the inconvenience
  9. Thanks for your question. We are planning to purchase US servers
  10. You have several options: 1. You can describe bugs here 2. You can write me a personal message 3. You can send it on our email You can be sure that the dev will read your message
  11. Catsbit.Care


    Thanks for information! We will check it out.
  12. Спасибо за ответ, будем решать проблему, рады, что хоть так пока зашли
  13. А вы живете в каком регионе Украины? Планируем купить американские сервера, возможно это решит скоро вашу проблему
  14. Those who vote "Yes, I have this problem", please write in comments what country you live in and what device you play on.
  15. Очень интересно... А можете указать, из какого конкретно региона?
  16. Добрый день, завтра протестим на вашем устройстве и отпишем
  17. What's fixed: - Disappearing of doors ans walls - Decay: buildings deteriorate faster and the cost is higher
  18. Yes, we have already found this bug. It will be fixed. Thanks for your writing
  19. Hi, Yes, we have already got such suggestions. Could you please precise what country you live in?
  20. @NSAITERU @Yaroslav Вижу, что данная проблема часто связана со слабым сигналом мобильного интернета У вас стабильное интернет- подключение?
  21. What's fixed - Button "Disconnect" - Change of sensitivity
  22. Nope. I've already answered this question.
  23. What’s new: Upgrading walls to stone and iron Looting of dead bodies (after the death a backpack with loot remains) Change of settings and control buttons Footsteps sounds What’s fixed Falling through the foundation after spawn Getting into foundation Disappearing of buildings Flying objects after the building decay Compass adjusted Hunting rifle charged with 5.56 Time of crafting of stick reduced Some building bugs fixed Attention! Spawn under the map is not completely fixed! Please reload the game in order to keep all your resources