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  1. Dzień dobry, Niestety nie ma możliwości zwrotu map. Dziękujemy bardzo za propozycje. Pozdrawiamy.
  2. Hi there, Yes, we understand how it looks. However "If you wanna make God laugh, tell him all about your plans". It's especially our case. To be honest, we don't meet deadlines that we set for ourselves. We plan to show some piece of work this week on Youtube. Thank you very much for waiting.
  3. Hi there, Here you can find the answer
  4. Hi there, In this version of the game, you can respawn in the sleeping bag only. It is not meant for sleep.
  5. Hi there, The limit is meant to be 1000 objects.
  6. Catsbit.Care


    trying to accelerate our work..
  7. Hi there, The problem was found out and solved. Please check it up.
  8. Hi there, Please precise whether this problem always existed or it appeared at a certain moment of time.
  9. Hi there, Thanks for a signal. Well noted.
  10. Hi there, Sorry but I didn't catch the idea.. Could you explain one more time please?
  11. Hi there, Got it. However taken into consideration the fact that the half of players don't have "powerful devices", we don't extend this limit.
  12. Catsbit.Care


    Hi there, Please write in English or French for us to better understand.
  13. Hii there, If there any error? How does it look?
  14. Hi there, As I understand, you are asking about new updates. However at the moment we are working on another project, that's why it's hard to predict the date of a new update.
  15. Добрый день, К сожалению, пока не можем уточнить конкретную дату. В данный момент ведется работа над другим проектом.
  16. В данной версии игры ружье стреляет без патронов.
  17. Hi there, Thanks for your suggestions.
  18. Добрый день, Серы пока нет в игре. Планируем добавить.
  19. The answer was given below. We take into consideration all players' demands. That's why playing in multiplayer can be very freezing in case we raise the prop limit.
  20. Bonjour, En quoi consistait le problème au final?
  21. Hi there, Thanks, it's a good point.
  22. When you create a server, this server is created on your device. So all your progress is saved on your device automatically. When you re-enter the game, you should click *create server* and see all your buildings, tools, inventory etc. In case you join the server created by another player, you should see your inventory only.
  23. Hi there, Please precise your smartphone model and mark.
  24. Hi there, Thanks, we have already found out this bug