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    Hay demaciado lag en todos los servidores, puedes acabar te un hacha completa y solo registra 100 de madera cuando mucho...por favor arreglenlos pliss
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    I understand that a lot of people are now having problems with the same situation so I’d like to address it , BAG LADDER GLITCH , I have seen multiple players use the glitch and I understand that it’s a creative way to raid , but not a legitimate one ,there are people myself included that has spent there time on turning there whole house to metal so it has to be rocket raided to get loot . And instead a naked with nothing can build a ladder wit body bags , and tear up everything that was built and get robbed of loot over a bag exploitation . I jus don’t see the fairness in it for the people who actually spend time on your game , just for someone to be able to get in house using bags or bag ladder , Another issue with this is the placement of bags in the window to slide thru .