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    Upgrade failure

    Respect but I would consider that trouble shooting , and well 60fps , an not sure on the ping , but already tried “to wait a sec in between walls” like fr …. not stupid . The hammer wasted 120 pc and I had to WAIT for another 40 pc two other times .that was before building another hammer , the new hammer let me do 1 wall and continued to kick me off server like the last one ..
  2. Jame$1

    Upgrade failure

    I take it back , it only let me do 1 wall with the NEW UPGRADE HAMMER, then took another 40 and kick me out the game on next wall….
  3. Jame$1

    Upgrade failure

    UPDATE: so basically if you are having the same issue with the upgrade hammer , don’t let it eat you metal there is a lifespan for the hammers even though there is no life bar , throw out old hammer make new !
  4. So I’m not sure if I am the only one experiencing this or not , but when I use the hammer to try and upgrade more of my house , it completely fails kicks me from the game an takes the 40 metal fragment for the upgrade anyways , even though the walls did not get the metal upgrade .. basically eating the metal frags , -NEW BUILD/UPGRADE HAMMER
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    So I jus witnessed a hacker in squat mode , full sprinting in squat mode , tryina kill someone with a bone , the persons character was moving at least 2x the sprint speed , before I could turn around to shoot almost gone off the map . Sprinting while squatting !!!!! this action is impossible for anyone wit a normal character, whenever we squat we can only walk at about half speed as normal, and this character was moving almost twice as fast as full sprint , while squatting.