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    •The anvil says "already in use" when nothings in it. •The lights on the Christmas tree disappear at a certain angle. •The Fall damage is very inconsistent. •The reload sound for any gun can play depending how many times you press it during the animation. •Placing a door then quickly putting a lock on it will make the lock disappear from the hot bar(This can be fixed by putting another item in that slot). •When you have too much in the crafting queue the other items don't show up but will still craft. •Dying while crafting will delete whatever was being used to craft it. •When using the building plan the rotate option usually doesn't work. •When looking on your friends list none of the green dots are ever on. •The Drive and reverse buttons on the buggy sometimes don't stop when they aren't being pressed. •Turrets and gun traps will target the owner if they are out of the cupboards range. •Spears clip through the ground when dropped. •Picking up a placeable item ex: a workbench, will reset its health back to 100 regardless of how much it was damaged. •Sometimes moving items in your inventory will not show up in that slot and do only after you exit that menu and go back in they show up. •Crouching under wooden fountains kicks the player most of the time. •Killing a player while they are in a copter will spawn their bag in the sky. •Armored door, Wooden door, metal door, and window don't have descriptions. Tell me anymore y'all know of.
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    tha hack is still working bro