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  1. So there are some changes I would like to see, but they are small changes. CRAFTING CHANGES: Wood armor. •Reduce the amount of cloth and planks needed. Shotgun Shells and .45 Rounds. •Make the cost the same as 5.56 rounds. WORKBENCH CHANGES: Building Hammer, Axe, and Pickaxe •Reduce scrap cost from 50 to 25. BUILDING CHANGES: •Change armored walls to be made with High Quality Metal. •Increase demolition time to 3 minutes. CREATURE CHANGES: •Slightly reduce Deer health. •Reduce damage from boar. LOCATION CHANGES: •Move the Recycler in the abandoned factory in the Safe Zone. That's all.
  2. So I know you just released a new update with the recycler but I've noticed a pattern with your updates recently. Most of the time when there is new content it's usually on a holiday but adds a new kind of mechanic to the game. Some examples: 2023 Halloween update (Added level system and lumberjack npc and foggy weather) 2023 Winter update (Added team system) Don't get me wrong I don't mind the holidays but It's easy outweighed by the fact that the only other type of content is paid cosmetics. So what I'm trying to say is yes Anti cheat is top priority, but I suggest next update is not a new type of system or mechanic, but rather new content for the players as the last time we saw new items was the Radiation Update. Of course I'm trying my best to sound like I'm not rushing you or asking for tons of things, but adding to the core game. Here's a list of not specific but general things I would like to see in future updates. •More types of buildings/Crafting stations to encourage more base work. (NOT PAID COSMETICS) •Working on the environment and animals. •Adding new items in the workbench tech tree. •Improvements to the Gold shop. Sincerely, That one guy.
  3. So as you saw last time I made a suggestion for a revamped melee weapon system, Now I have an idea for another early game item: The Bow The first change would be to increase the number of arrows found with it to 5-10. The second idea I have is a Compound Bow that could be researched at level 3 in the workbench. It wouldn't be too expensive and would make a good way for silent hunting. Along with the Compound Bow, Metal Arrows could be researched as well.
  4. So I know that you need 100 scrap to make a team and I know where to make one, But is there a certain level you have to be at to make a team? As the button isn't there for me. I'm level 8
  5. As of now melee combat is very one sided as the only way to get a hit in is to time your attacks perfectly. So I've thought of some ideas to make melee combat more interesting and practical early game. Spear. The first thing would make it a stabbing weapon instead of a throwing weapon, This would encourage newer players to go head on attacking animals and players. Bone club. Rather than having to hit something standing still, The miss animation could be used as a second combo hit which would make using it much more comfortable. This would be a big change to melee combat, But it would encourage it alot more.
  6. I have an idea for a vendor structure the player can place to trade with other players It would be unlocked at level 8 in the workbench. The currency could be whatever the owner decides from a list.
  7. Id:819B2E7FBCFA89D7 He was aimboting with revolver
  8. To make radiation pills a little less...useless I've thought of an idea The only part of the power plant that is "irradiated" is the large tower players climb on. Instead of just the large tower being dangerous without a hazmat suit the entire location should be irradiated and treated as a higher tier location for more experienced players. And players would have to use a hazmat AND anti radiation pills to survive in the power plant as just wearing the hazmat suit by itself wouldn't be enough to protect from radiation.
  9. That one guy


    Sounds like their focusing on more high tier items
  10. The cabin looks more like a structure, not like something we could build. my best bet is that the lumber Jack may be some kind of npc we could trade wood with.
  11. Can y'all approve my photo so you can see his name and id and my proof.
  12. He was walking under water. (I don't know how to type his name so look in second image)