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    If I had to choose anything for me to suggest first, it would be to nerf the hell out of rockets. Rockets are being used by hackers and no-lifers to effortlessly kill everyone they see. What about building a base? We’ll rockets can break into a really big base with ease. So what’s the point of making a base, when the next morning it’s gone! Please nerf rocket splash damage, and make rockets do less damage to players.
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    Hi everyone, As you have already seen, the multiplayer version of the game doesn't work at the moment. Don't worry, it will be soon available together with the update Sorry for the inconvenience and stay tuned for our news
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    U add all bug but theres more bug that u dont see like the stuckk bug no demolish and pickup buttons on editing conrol idk if thats a bug and when we got kicked we go to other place like so far to base but yeah thats bug and this is a cheat not bug i know many cheat like BIGHEAD,BIGHEAD2.0,SPEED HACK,CLIMB WALL,GLITCHING TRO GROUND GOOD FOR AFK,AUTO AIM,AUTO HEADSHOT,JUMP BOOST,FLYING,NO FALL DAMAGE,SPEED HIT (mining rock so fast),AND MORE idk whats more but thats all i know cheat i hope u add system that know walk speed run speed jump limit size of anything and more lol
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    pls fix this bugs Getting kick every time i walk 10 meters. Getting killed whenever i joined in the server i ven if im in a safe base. When crafting gp and u sudennly die all the sulfer that ur using for the gp is gone but the armor, weapon, food, etc is not gone. ceiling lamp suddenly dissapiared when server restart. Getting kicked by crouching. When joining to tha server always automatick back to main screen. floating base. gun damage. idk if this is a bug but pls make poeple climb in a cliff.
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    Brother, I already complained about this, I think it will be fixed very soon!
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    Often when raiding the storage boxes and furnaces will get damaged without actually hitting them and will destroy them and the loot inside. Makes raiding with rockets almost a waste of time if they have doors everywhere in the inside of their base that you have to rocket to take out. when you blow up TC it drops loot but when you blow up storage box and furnaces the loot disappears
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    ЧИТЫ: Автоприцел во время стрельбы, просмотр вещей в доме сквозь стены, убивать , стрелять и ломать постройки сквозь стены, отсутсвие урона врагу, высокие прыжки и полеты игроков. ПРОЧЕЕ: При улучшений стены выкидывает из игры, а стена не улучшается и ресурсы на улучшение пропадают, если предмет упал на пол в доме, то он пропадает, упал предмет на улице возле лесницы, премет нельзя было подобрать и через время он пропал. При разрушеном фундаменте (например в центре дома) нельзя поставить новый. CHEATS: Auto-sight while shooting, viewing things in the house through walls, killing, shooting and breaking buildings through walls, lack of damage to the enemy, high jumps and flights of players. Other: With improvements, the wall is thrown out of the game, and the wall does not improve and resources for improvement disappear, if an object fell on the floor in the house, then it disappears, an object fell on the street near the ladder, it could not be picked up and after a while it disappeared. If the foundation is destroyed (for example, in the center of the house), it is impossible to put a new one.
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    Unfortunately you need to have a recording of their action. [ Screenshot only counts if they are in the sky with name visible ]
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    wanted rifle damage as it was before the update
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    I'm getting to the point of quitting your game. Cause every time I make a base the next day it has been raided by a hacker.its not the first time this has happened to me in fact this is the third time during the new update release and today.and every time I've tried to make base the same thing keeps happening. Unless u fix this or give us (the players) a way to counter this , our bases are only loot boxes for the hackers. #plz fix #im discouraged to play ur great game.
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    The spears must be melee and 30 damage and should be able to hit with melee weapon while running or walking so that spears is not useless they must add melee spears and hitting while running and walking
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    Cat's Bit, you don't respect your players.I'll explain it to you.. You try, we see it, you didn't let us down with the update, but the game will be released soon in a better way than yours, and I'm sure that everyone will go there and throw Oxides you an asset of 3600 per day, and it falls slowly, because you don't fix damage, bugs, didn't add anything new, just the card makes me still play.Tell me honestly, when will the damage be returned?!
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    Add bags for more inventory but in this bag You can use it wherever you go instead of the Chest that can only stay in one place, maybe craft bags using cloth or anything??
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    Ребята вопьще в расте на пк также само, но там дают больше времени, для постройки дома. Поэтому я советую сразуже делать дом который нужно чтоб потом его не ломать. И я чувствую что эту штуку не уберут и не исправят.
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    Спасибо за то что вы добавили ремув но есть минус (допустим)я сделал стенку (чтоб не зарейдили) и пошёл спать а и за того что прошло много времени я не могу её сломать прошу пофиксить и исправить даную проблему спасибо
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    Brother, without a video, your complaint will not be considered, and inrock will not be banned. please provide proof video
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    Давайте фикс, урон вообще не проходит, все комьюнити на ушах что и когда все гадают, нам бы хотя бы дату фикса, что бы мы не сидели на изжоге
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    Yup quite annoying , cant even pvp for LOOT , THE PVP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT IN THIS GAME
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    Remove the guest login option so thay have to create another email account not just clone the app
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    Someone broke my 5day base on a private server with a password how can people still get in if I haven’t let them or played on any over servers ?how dose this happen???
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    Banned Please if you see such chinese nicknames, please choose them in the players list and send report. i will see the id player on the record, it will be easier to find him in the system
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    I remember that guy i killed him
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    Я так думаю может добавить побольше орудий и брони разной ласты, копье которым можно не только кидаться, но и драться сделать побольше магазинов с предметами надеюсь меня кто-то увидет жду ответа
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    That suck u only demolish a new wall not old wall i hope u can add demolish to old or new but u cant demolish if theres cupboard like what u do
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    there's a youtube channel called BragaMods where he makes his scripts available! see a way to change the cabinet for another way! so his script stops working!
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    Update just made a garbage game even worse. Hackers ruined the game and the devs just sat back and watched. Hey devs, collect your checks, dip out, delete this game, start a new rust rip off. This game is legit unplayable without downloading game guardian to have godmode, even still, your base will be wall hack raided. Never played such an embarrassment of a game before, this is just horrible...
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    many people say Hahahahaha, please kid, don't put that stupid thing and whenever you want I'll give you a gyroscope class...
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    Update didnt change anythinf amd a limit was put on how many times you can report. The thing is the get kicked. Not banned and keep coming back and you cant report anymore XD its messed up
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    Update was nice and look better but can you add C4 in next update
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    Yes! Everyone has it like this
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    we will check it out some players report that when they are trying to kill an animal or a player with a stone hatchet, it also sounds like a stone, have you seen this problem too?
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    Про классное обновление вы серьезно или это сарказм?)
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    No you can't probably it will some bug fixes
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    I think the server is already dead because it was feb 27
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    The way to avoid this is to put some emoji next to the name of the server you create, so you will be sure that no uninvited player will enter
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    If a player(any player)creates a room with the exact same name as the one you created, they gain access to private rooms. The better question is when is Catsbit going to stop modded players from accessing the game!?! It's been like this for YEARS!
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    I know this Problem is not new. If this is a bug or intentional , so that u can fix the aimbot problem . Pls can u tell us when this Broken Pvp will be Fix? Or not? Cause This game is most focus on PVP, specailly on me. Cause most of my Contents are Pvp . Btw if u dont aware whats happening , the problem is when a player moving and u shoot him, player wont take any damage unless he stand still. Plss fix dear devs
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    @Catsbit.Carewe need to you to tell us when the bug get fixed!!!
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    Unfortunately it's not possible to create your own server. This feature will also not be added on Oxide survival island [ it's s not their intention to do so.]
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    I builded a house and crafted sleeping bag but it does not make me spawn in the house. Tested with 2 dying possibilities (suicide and by boar)
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    Its a suggestion not a bug HAHAHHAAH
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    I don't know how but, I see cheaters run in wall and start broke something and when I enter in house my cubpoard disappear. After he pick up doors with building hammer. That was and in older version but now cheaters destroy all home with building hammer. It's 100% cheater because he write in the chat he is cheater and run super fast.If I will see it again I film it. My friends also lost home because cheaters.
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    Idk man it’s gonna stay like that for a while or maybe even for 5 years or so there is no hope that they will update this or there other games beside oxide