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    Survival Simulator; Update Hi there, Can we get a progress update for Survival Simulator? I've heard you guys are implementing a system that protects players from hackers. Also, including a rocket launcher that damages structures. Keep note that most of hackers use a modded file of your game. Please answer if you have more information to give about this update. I'll be waiting, thank you for reading this. Best Regards, Survivor
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    I have one question. When is the rocket launcher update coming out? A lot of my friends are quitting SS until the new update drops. So please respond to this and tell me when the new update is coming out. Thank You. -MrMeowmers
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    Hi I think that stone is a bit useless. You end up with a lot of extra stone after mining for metal ore. Perhaps stone could be used to build. Another thing that would be cool is a save button of some sort in the menu. That way you could save your builds manually. Also a friending system. More people in worlds. (10-20). Farming system of some sort. Maybe you could use your blueprint to plant carrot or potato patches. Also metal fragment light armor and heavy metal armor. Heavy armor is slow yet stronger, and light armor is weaker, yet more mobile. Thanks. Best wishes from Chief Elop and the Mountain Tribal Confederation. (MTC).
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    Please listen to the community and remove the prop limit once and for all.
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    Here's a suggestion that I have found to work: Clear your cache/memory - Open game and create new server - before you leave the server for the day, cook some meat on campfire or in furnace. As it's cooking, leave the game. When you come back in, the meat will still be cooking and all your build's will still be there. I had a tower/house that lasted over 2 months before I wiped memory. Hope it helps! ~ Loyal
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    Uh oh LIER alert LIER alert class do you believe in flying spaghetti monsters to BUBBLE HEAD
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    Unfortunately no, the object limit is 1000 objects per server. This is quite a lot for mobile devices, more objects will lead to glitches and uncomfortable play.