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    If the video works. Turn up the volume. It's an audio video Sandbox 3d update.mp4
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    when will you update survival simulator i got some idea's for you first is animal moose,chickens fish,second is predetors wolf',bobcats third more armor fourth food we need plant to eat it boring to just meat and pls put single player or multiplayer that all ask for please update
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    Add animals, pets, more maps, more things for created and possibility of created vehicles
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    I don't know how to delete posts... Btw. Does my suggestions attachment work?
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    @Wendlel this problem is very common and it's planned to be fixed on the next update, please be patient. Note: When you make a world and get stuff it will be saved on the world u made, if u join in another world and go back to it won't be saved, so I recommend u don't make a server if u gonna join another
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