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    What’s new: Upgrading walls to stone and iron Looting of dead bodies (after the death a backpack with loot remains) Change of settings and control buttons Footsteps sounds What’s fixed Falling through the foundation after spawn Getting into foundation Disappearing of buildings Flying objects after the building decay Compass adjusted Hunting rifle charged with 5.56 Time of crafting of stick reduced Some building bugs fixed Attention! Spawn under the map is not completely fixed! Please reload the game in order to keep all your resources
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    Decay of buildings fixed
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    Shadow fox wdym TGT strikes again?
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    but thx for making best game ever
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    I was thinking that it would nice and casual to be able to sit on the furniture. And also perhaps voice chat... but honestly your text chat is very simple and quick. And also a first person view.
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    Let’s us be able to remove walls doors floors etc with the hammer because when I want to build a base I don’t have metal so I use wooden doors and then when I want to upgrade everything including the door I have to either destroy the doors or make another base and this will also be helpful if you accidentally mess up and place a wall in the wrong space
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    Make skins that can be bought, but do not make it pay 2 win so everyone can still enjoy the game.
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    @survival simulater fan @Fan @Emo Johnny/Bones Hi everyone, The update will be within 2 weeks as promised. Please check our topic News in Oxide: Survival Island to keep up with the news.
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    Hey @Catsbit.Dev I’m just wondering about how often server restarts are. I’d like to keep track. If you can provide a date and how often I’d appreciate thanks.
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    Hi there, We are planning to fix/add a lot of things, that's why it takes so much time. We speak English, French, Russian, Polish, you can express in any of these languages
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    Hi there, We haven't decided yet what will be added in the nearest update and what will be added later Probably we will share this list with players as soon as we do it
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    August 1st is the latest.
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    I think it would be cool if you guys could add exclusive items and monuments to the other biomes it would give more of a reason to go to them
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    Please just stop misusing this forum. If you wish to discuss matters with me, you can so inside Discord. Thanks. Bones.
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    Yeah when will update of oxide come
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    I know date about new update survival simulator not oxide survival
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    Добавьте возможность менять кнопки управления местами, очень нужная функция, и настройки графики бы не помешали, заранее спасибо
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    You should hire people or send people from the dev team to control servers and shut them down if they are ruining the game (Or being inappropriate) Wanted to ask if that is possible.
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    Add guns and weapons Add accounts and friending system
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    @Catsbit.Dev Can we get more information for the upcoming update for Survival Simulator? Thanks.
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    I think you told me, its not about resources, and once you log back in, they reappear. this is impossible, and can never happen. so you telling me i can relog, and the node will be in front of me, and ill be hitting it with a pickaxe, yet someone who hasnt reloged, they see me hitting nothing? no this isnt true its not possible that we all see different resources depending on whether we logged in or not i have never seen somebody hitting air, but getting logs.
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    Hey @VELOZØ The update will be there soon. Just give it a few more days
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    All armour pieces and sets have a durability bar but it does not get affected or go down in anyway possible. If you do implement the durability of armour I would suggest: Wooden Helmet = 100 Hit Points, Bone Helmet = 200 Hit Points, Leather Helmet = 300 Hit Points Wooden Chestplate = 200 Hit Points, Bone Chestplate = 400 Hit Points, Leather Chestplate = 500 Hit Points Wooden Leggings = 150 Hit Points, Bone Leggings = 300 Hit Points, Leather Leggings = 400 Hit Points Wooden Boots = 100 Hit Points, Leather Boots = 300 Hit Points 1 Hit Point = 1 5.56 Bullet (Damage/Hit)
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    Soo all I have to do is just wait there Well time to join a different server to kill the time
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    -medical syringes -bandages -aid kits -explosive ammo -c4 -voice chat -higher tier loot crates -hemp plants -wall upgrading system -hazmat suit -metal armor -grenades -oil rigs -sewer tunnels -more guns -grenade launcher -flamethrower -big walls to build compounds -triangle foundations -large furnaces -crossbows -more melee weapons -bigger map -berry bushes -mushrooms -workbenches -planter boxes -rain catcher -better anti cheat -garage door -double door -barricades -larger storage boxes -scrapyard monument -scrap -looting bodies -charcoal -hemp seeds -wild pumpkins -wild corn -night vision goggles -scopes -better bow aim -melee spears
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    For starters, I said I was a admin but not for this game. I'm a admin on discord. And everyone knows that, sorry your new to the system kid. Secondly, we don't even know who you are, but I'm constantly on this game 24/7 keeping the peace, but it's people like you the "toxicity" you speak so highly of about us that ruins a great game like this. We are not negative in anyways except when we're telling people (would highly doubt telling people to be friendly & obey the terms & conditions is being toxic) to stop hacking or being disrespectful of the game. Im about tired of children lying to get their ways. This so called server switch....you saying we followed you, bruh we don't even have you added as a friend because we Don't even know you!! We switch servers because Chinese people were online instantly raiding every single bass and killing everybody. So we left the server and went to another one, just happened to be the server you were on. And no way possible were we following following you we didn't even harass you, We just said we wanted to play the game like everybody else and you kept making it about you. Miss me with that bs. Don't come to the forums to lie kid it looks bad. And thirdly, I have screenshot of you too. Being "toxic" and so does all my crew I play with. We let It go when you switch servers apparently So we didn't think we needed to make a forum post about it. I may be new to the game (1 month into it) but I bring traffic, I tell friends & family about this amazing game. "Oh its got a few bugs, but it's a great game" "there's a few toxic children but you can ignore them". I know for sure that I'm grown, Jester is grown, And bones is grown. And we don't have time for silly childish games on a game that we are playing. We report hackers & underage kids playing because if your like me or any smart person you read the terms & conditions of any game to make sure you follow its rules. Which you clearly did not. God bless, and have a good day.
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    Excuse me @Catsbit.Dev These bugs are getting worse and worse, and i am losing faith. I am really beginning to doubt that you can actually fix bugs. You say you fixed the speedhack, but it was never fixed. I disconnect every few minutes. the servers dont show up. everything else works fine. you say this is due to a weak connection. this makes me doubt the game will ever be okay.
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    Bro EA is a game company that's super insanely pay to win like $5 for every step you make in game $100 to craft a stone hatchet $1000 to receive the stone hatchet lol
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    Yah it was probably AncyG aka Badman
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    Hi Catsbit I don't know if you can add the coconut because there are palm trees with nothing and I could add the coconut, for example this image:
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    crafting resources restoring in case of disconnecting was one of my largest problems in survival simulator the original, thanks!
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    Restart the game and check again, the update window should no longer appear
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    alright i'll check it out and see if there's more bugs
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    Привет, Как я уже ответил в другой теме, завтра выйдет новая игра, где многие из этих предложений будут реализованы
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    Привет, Да, это одна из проблем игры Survival Simulator И вот, завтра выйдет наша новая игра, где эта проблема будет решена Следите за новостями на форуме и в соц сетях!
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    How dum are u this ain't the suggestion one come on this is the bug report section come on even if they respond they can't do it the only way for that to happen is if that person gets multiple reports and still there is no option to report someone they haven't had that implemented in the game
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    Hi, @Catsbit.Dev or @Catsbit.Care I would like to know what I would need to do to be able to help with the development of sandbox 3D, what is the programming language/engine you use to program the game. And I would like to help you as much as I can to make it faster for updates to come out, more secure, and easier for your development team. I'm not looking to be paid, I would just like to help for free
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    when will you update survival simulator i got some idea's for you first is animal moose,chickens fish,second is predetors wolf',bobcats third more armor fourth food we need plant to eat it boring to just meat and pls put single player or multiplayer that all ask for please update
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    If you want smth well done, do it yourself
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    I totally agree, I just meant the hackers that ruin other (potential game fans) experience's those are the bad ones. I too have met a moder that that was just using his mods to enrich other players gaming experiences. I just wish they were all like that
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    I agree whit you, but considering the size of the map they would be very hard to find
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    Yeah dogs would be a cool addition to the game
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    This is too much for the lazy-ass devs.
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    For tanks there should be 4 a M1A1, Bradley, BTR 80 and a panzer 4. And there should be attack helicopters, witch should only be a AH64 Apache. For planes there should be a cessna 172, a P51, F4U Corsair, B52 bomber, BF109, Junkers Ju 88 stuka, F22, F35, and a Beechcraft baron.
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    Hi there, The developers are aware of this problem. It is to be hoped that it would be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your patience. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Nobody is a retard. I've gotten sick of you, so please, take this lightly, but FUCK OFF.
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    It be cool if you add a friends list and see if they are active or not
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    trying to accelerate our work..