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    Why did u lock non researched items ...what is the point of that ..it just makes the game more anoying and more grinding in the start and pls start game banning ppl like ip ban like in pc rust ....make it that first game ban is a 1 year ban from logging servers and a 15 days from guest servers than if he cheats again a permanent ban from logging servers ..and than when the game get big replace guest servers with non moderated servers like in pc rust ..and pls focus on the pvp we dont care about graphics that much ..add gyroscope and aim sensitivity
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    Zero tolerance for cheating??? Prime server still has hackers?
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    This will be a bad thing for all players as they have no way to avoid being attacked by cheaters.
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    As the previous topic is full, i created a new one. So, if you have the error ERROR: WRONG NICKNAME, please precise here: 1. your player id; 2. your new desired nickname. Thanks in advance
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    I seen alot of people suggesting that you guys should add C4 and satchel but if by any chance you guys did add those, can you atleast make the stone wall and metal wall more durable to damage, like it takes 4 rockets to destroy a stone wall in rust but only 2 in oxide. Players now rarely use the armor door since they know whatever doors you use in your base raiders just go straight for the core and not consider destroying the door one by one. Also mentioning how abundant of sulfure and metal the map is. It is very easy to make multiple rockets once you researched them. So keeping a base is very hard but not as hard as maintaining one consdering how expensive big bases upkeep cost and external walls right now does little to nothing since people can just built and jump over them and gives raiders more advantages in raiding since they can walk on top of the wall and gives them a good view on what part they should blow the base but my point make them taller or add spikes on top and if maybe just maybe you could just increase the range of the tc that would really help alot.
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    Ну видео еслиб предоставили то неплохо было, так как разработчик увидет видео и поймёт а так ему нужно зайти в игру и повторить то что вы написали:)
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    Hi there, The fix update is already available for Google Play and for App Store
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    Exactly whoever was in charge of ideas for this update. Clearly doesn’t play the game. 1 slot TC, the horrible decision to not let you use an item unless you’ve unlocked it. But in them doing that. They opened up All kinds of bugs now for infinite items. So 2 hours after wipe. PVE servers are Are flooded with high walls and gates blocking everything off.
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    DayZ was in alpha for 5 years, and it’s made by a AAA developer. Oxide is an indie project. Let the developers have their time.
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    I think they should keep doing them every update, too soon or not. starting fresh is always fun