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    Hi there, But it shouldn't be cheap
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    Hi there, As you all know, today we released a new update that is meant to decrease the amount of cheaters in the game. It doesn't mean that you won't encounter any cheater in the game. You certainly will. So, now you have to turn on PLAYERS ID in the settings and make records of cheaters. Besides that, you can send reports in the game itself. Cheaters will be banned. And the creation of a new account won't be so easy in case of ban, they will value more what they have. Btw now you can copy the player id instead of making a screenshot. By the player id you'll see a special sign to copy, and then insert here on the forum. Because of fake accounts, we don't ban players for abusive language just with screenshots. If you see any abusive language, please make a record and in the record itself please choose the player in the player list. Here's a good example: If there's no answer to your post, it means that a) you haven't precised all the data required b) there's no cheating approved. I DON'T ACCCEPT ANY PLAYERS REPORTS IN PRIVATE MESSAGES, PLEASE STOP SPAMMING