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    When world needed him most , he came back
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    It's will so soo good if you add triangle foundation , window , gate and big wall to build compound around the base .
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    Nise man , we are eagerly waiting for new update .You made my day
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    Hey @Catsbit.Dev I’m just wondering about how often server restarts are. I’d like to keep track. If you can provide a date and how often I’d appreciate thanks.
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    Mobile games have come a far way since they first became popular. Oxide is an astounding game in terms of what it goes for, and for being in its alpha and one of the only true competitors in its genre, it is fantastic. However, it is in Alpha. Hence, the suggestions below seek to improve the game further, from movement to control layouts. This is my list of suggestions that I have compiled. - Customization of the HUD The HUD in this game is clunky, there is no other way to say it. I miss the shoot button frequently despite being a hardcore FPS player on mobile. Customization of the HUD includes button positions, button opacity, button size, and ability to get rid of the second button (for example, the grab button has two buttons at all times) for cleanliness. This allows better maneuverability in multiple aspects, but specifically shooting and farming (safely). - Cloth should be easier to get This is something major, along with the above suggestion. It feels like every time I try going from scratch, my main issue is cloth. The snow biome is incredibly good right now, but I can't go deep into it without good armour, all of which takes cloth or leather, which both stem from the same place. So what's the issue with getting cloth? Animals are the only thing that drop it. And how do you kill an animal without dying? You get lucky with a deer glitching out, or you farm all the way to a revolver. Please add something else that gives cloth, even if it's from boxes. - Speaking of boxes... Something needs to be done about the low amount of boxes in the game. Why? Well, it's probably not for the reason you think. It's water. The only way you can get water right now is via boxes, and guess how often you can get a box? Big surprise, not often. So you end up stuck in this loop where every hour or so, you need to find somewhere to store your stuff otherwise you'll die of thirst and lose all of your items. This could also be fixed by allowing the lakes to be potable. - Foundations should be more open to how they're placed. Right now, foundations seem to always have the ability to crouch under them and do the glitch. But even without that glitch, lower foundations would be better anyway. I don't need to waste time on stairs, I can build better on flat surfaces, and I don't need to jump up if I don't have stairs. In summary, these are four of the issues I have right now. There are much more, including the fact that over the past two days, three of my bases have mysteriously disappeared from existence. If you tell me they got raided, I'm having a hard time thinking why someone would go through the trouble of raiding the foundations as well, and both of my bases today have just disappeared after I was done with work. I know they weren't decaying either. Anyway, have a lovely day.
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    Hello! Your Game Is Very Calm And Peaceful... Bird Sounds Very Calm. Also, the Sunset in the Game is Unique... But there are some bugs in the game. Alpha Version This Will Be Fixed Soon (•‿•) First of all, it must be brought into the game with currency to exchange with other players, for example, we can create currency using pieces of metal. And It Might Look Better If The Bed Isn't On The Floor. Pets Must Be Added to the Game! Our Pet Can Support Us On The Hunt!! And the Game can come with a chair, table and clock. Buildings are self-destructing, I would appreciate it if you could examine this error We Should Be able to Raise Building Walls! And Main Menu Interface Can Be Made Better These were my recommendations, you will be a huge company in the future! I Trust You
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    I know date about new update survival simulator not oxide survival
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    @Catsbit.Dev Really good idea, when you press suicide, it must ask you “Are you sure?” Because so many people press by accident ok.
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    Add scopes
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    dude that 12345 is your dummy HAHA stop bro its 2021 now that style is not working anymore dude grow up HAHA , toxic ? everyone hates you in game said your a true toxic here , excuses excuses cmon bro stop it get some help , show me your trial video that your a great , your nothing , your useless
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    Are you ready for this? im going to explain how i keep going under the map. and not by hack. and the devs understand the game so dont try to say im lying. if you build on the water. there is a point you cannot go further. HOWEVER…you can build a floor and extend it twice over that area. IF I AM STANDING IN that area….and i get disconnected? I spawn under the map. So this is how i went under. also the other user was just chopping a tree and went under. youre on your own ancy. you may think ur good but nobody likes you and youre toxic and you dont even have friends in game. leave me alone, stop bothering me, i dont cheat, i cant cheat, im a better player than you clearly if you cant build what i can build. stop disrupting this damn forum and take ur children with you. peace out @Catsbit.Dev
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    @AncyG @Emo Johnny @dbluey calm down, this forum is to discuss game bugs and not to fight
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    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.created @Catsbit.Dev thats why this guy always asking to fix the under the map glitch , i played this game month now and i never experienced the under the map glitch , hacks fail if he fall down under the map because he use floating tools HAHAHAHA
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    I think for now getting cloths should be done more difficult because leather Armor is in the last stage of Armor like ( heavy plate Armor or metal Armor in rust ) it shouldn't be easy to make it and sleeping bag tooo need cloths but for now it's has no use as such . If Dev's make it easy to get cloths it will ruin the game because leather Armor is way tooo tank .
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    bro stop. nothing you say makes sense, lol.
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    One thing you could do in the mean time, in regards to killing animals without dying, while they are chasing you, crouch under a foundation. They stop and you can easily kill them. Not discrediting what you said, just a temp solution.
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    Your post was in moderation. Now it's posted.
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    Hey admin I see you removing my Discord post so youre clearly active. Why are you not responding to us?
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    Yes, we are likely to do it.
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    Hi, Sorry that you have such a problem. In the next update it will be fixed.
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    Hi, It looks strange. What device do you play the game on?
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    Hey, they call you @Emo Johnny
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    @Emo JohnnyHi , The update will be released within 2 weeks at most. As for the update details, I can say that it will be more "informative" than the previous one, there is a number of bugs fixed on the client and server side. At the moment I don't want to enumerate them, because they still need testing.
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    Add spaer on melee too cuz we can only throw the spear. he mean he wanna hit with spear as melee too
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    Speedhack anti-cheat needs to be fixed when your not even sprinting you get kicked and when i log back on i just go underground and i think catsbit uses it for ad revenue
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    Hey friend please told me about catsbit discord code
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    Yes that what i wanna say
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    Excuse me @Catsbit.Dev These bugs are getting worse and worse, and i am losing faith. I am really beginning to doubt that you can actually fix bugs. You say you fixed the speedhack, but it was never fixed. I disconnect every few minutes. the servers dont show up. everything else works fine. you say this is due to a weak connection. this makes me doubt the game will ever be okay.
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    bro WTF your talking about are the developer or what?
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    bro are you the developer? or your just faking it
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    oops accidental post. admin can delete. sorry. random screenshots i found online.
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    sometimes the crafting option gets disappeared pls fixs this .
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    1. Close the foundation so that they do not climb under them and do not steal loot with a bug from the first floor. 2. Add coded locks - the door is crafted without a lock, and the lock can be crafted at your choice: coded (if playing with someone) and regular (if solo) 3. The ability to create a team and invite other people, through the list (which you can also add) or directly at the meeting 4. If possible, add a voice chat. 5. Please fix the sensitivity, it's just that 2.0 does not differ even from 1.0 6. Transfer the windows from Survival Simulator or as in RUST sash (opening window (locked)) 7. Big chests, too, please add, so that you can hang a lock or combination lock. 8. To drop loot from the cabinet and chests when destroyed (borrow from RUST) 9. Improvement of buildings (stone, iron, maybe into high quality metal) 10. Air Drop can be added to a random point on the map. 11. The ability to swim, for example, with this and cargo you can add oil rigs or something like that (and then suddenly facepunch something you don't like). 12. Sights and add different types of ammunition and some kind of explosive besides rockets. I really like your game, but some bugs spoil the impression, you can add an advertisement button in the menu so that people watch it (so to speak, support) and really would like to see everything that I wrote above in the game Good luck with the implementation and development, do not abandon the project, maybe Facepunch will want to cooperate or understand that it is possible to port RUST ❤ 1. Закройте фундамент, чтобы под ними не лазили и не крали лут багом с первого этажа. 2. Кодовые замки добавьте - дверь крафтится без замка и замок можно скрафтить на выбор: кодовый(если играешь с кем-то) и обычный(если соло) 3. Возможность создать команду и приглашать других людей, через список(который тоже можете добавить) или непосредственно при встрече 4. Если есть возможность, то добавьте ещё голосовой чат. 5. Почините пожалуйста чувствительность, просто 2.0 не отличается даже от 1.0 6. Окна перенесите из Survival Simulator или как в RUST створки(открывающейся окна(на замке)) 7. Большие сундуки тоже добавьте пожалуйста, и чтобы была возможность повесить замок или кодовый замок. 8. Чтобы выпадал лут со шкафа и сундуков при разрушении(позаимствуйте из RUST) 9. Улучшение построек(камень,железо, может быть и в металл высокого качества) 10. Air Drop можете добавить в случайную точку карты. 11. Возможность плавать допустим, с этим и cargo можете добавить и нефтяные вышки или что-то подобное(А то вдруг facepunch что-то не понравиться). 12. Прицелы добавьте и разные типы патронов и взрывчатку какую-нибудь, помимо ракет. Ваша игра мне очень нравиться, но некоторые баги портят впечатление, можете добавить кнопку рекламы в меню, чтобы люди смотрели её(так сказать поддержка) и реально хотелось бы видеть в игре всё то, что я написал выше Удачи вам в реализации и развитии, не забрасывайте проект, может быть Facepunch захочет сотрудничать или поймёт что можно портировать RUST ❤
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    Добавьте возможность менять кнопки управления местами, очень нужная функция, и настройки графики бы не помешали, заранее спасибо
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    Hi Catsbit.Care I have some new ideas for the new survival island game update
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    Bro don't say like that catsbit will kick you on website and on game Catsbit very angry if you say like that
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    Bro sabes que programador abla ingles
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    Hi there, Thanks for describing your bugs. The update is in progress
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    Survival simulator will update at 2021 February so don't worry
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    me neither I don't want to wait that long pls tell when is the update coming
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    @Catsbit.Dev Ive just gone under the @#&§?! map again and need to suicide. please tell us when you think the update will be, because i seriously …smh…..im done dude. also whats the point of coal? bees and james say it burns longer? but ….you use twice as much to make it! so whats the diff
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    I log in and it saying no servers i have good WiFi why this happening Im smelting iron and I cant get back in hurry plsssssssssss