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    We are happy to announce that the update is on moderation on Google Play and App Store. Once approved, all servers will be wiped (everything gets deleted, including research, buidings, inventory). The moderation can take from several hours to several days. Обновление отправлено на модерацию в Google Play и App Store. Как только обновление будет одобрено, произойдет вайп всех серверов (удаление всего прогресса, в том числе изучений, построек и ресурсов в инвентаре). Проверка игры может занять от нескольких часов до нескольких дней.
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    Hi there, We want you to help us with the next updates direction. Please select one of the options above. The following add-to-the-game depend on your choice.
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    Update 0.3.6 is available on Google Play and App Store What's new? - Divided PVP and PVE servers; - Added prime status; - Added transport ("Copter" and "Buggy"); - Added news feed; - Fixed pvp damage; - Fixed bugs with "Anvil" and "Ceiling lamp"; - Fixed a lot of minor bugs. [RU] Обновление 0.3.6 доступно для скачивания в Google Play и App Store Что нового: - Разделение серверов на PVP и PVE; - Добавлен прайм-статус; - Добавлен транспорт; - Добавлена новостная колонка; - Исправлен урон от стрельбы; - Исправлены баги наковальни и лампы; - Исправлено много мелких багов.
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    Hi everyone, we are testing the new anticheat system. At the moment we see that it kicks cheaters only. BUT in case you are kicked for NO reason, please report this: - reply in this topic; - precise the device you play on; - send the record where we can clearly see that you don't use any cheats and get kicked. Thanks in advance for assistance ?
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    Dear forum community.? Before posting a new topic please make sure the question / suggestion / bug/gliches. are not yet been said in the Forum. I understand you wana do your own topic. But this issue makes the developers have to read all new topic's that has been created.while the topic with the same information already has been said with a reply on it. When I'm allowed to make a new topic? If you question / suggestion / bug/glitch is not in the first 3 page's feel free to make a new one. Why do I need to check it? I just wana come on forums and make a topic that's faster?. 1• Indeed that's faster for you. But understand this it takes alot of time to reply on all the topics some needs more information then the other ones. 2• Sometimes the right reply has already been send in that other topic what makes it faster to fix it by your self. 3• this dont mean for player reports. I hope you all can appreciate my message. < I made this topic since I see basically everyday the same questions / suggestions. > Greetings xAnony ? ``Any questions feel free to ask me below or in a private message.``
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    Can you pls Add a Mechanism of "TAP LOOT?" Tap Loot is when you Looting Something on Boxes Tcs Or Corpse Bag, U just Need to Tap the Loot and and Goes Intanstly to your inventory. With a timer of 1 or 2 Seconds? Or Swipe all the stuffs instantly take everything. Its really good thing tho specially for quickly transfering or on a Fight situation, To take your loot Fast?. Edit. BUT dont Remove the DragLoot tho incase The TapLoot has a Bug or glitch, We can still use it?
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    He didn't say anything about the No-damage bug. [So he is still working on this problem] Он ничего не сказал об ошибке о повреждений. [Значит, он все еще работает над этой проблемой]
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    You wil not got spawned until you close the ad. The person that chase you probably waited for you. Since you did try to combat quit to avoid death. [We all hate people doing this] So it's your own fault ? The ads are there to support the upkeep for the game. [Server costs] so they will not be removed.
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    Remove the guest login option so thay have to create another email account not just clone the app
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    Im not mad at anybody, dont sry man. Im just saying the truth about this irresponsible Developers,
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    Сделайте смену имени , хотя бы раз бесплатно а далее за золотые монет
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    You were banned for cheating. This account can't be unbanned
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    Участник форума @Дровосеквыложил ложную информацию об игрокес ником POni0 id:F051F597BC65F454. Настоящий id нарушителя 8A957AC5DAD90CFA. Просьба разбанить аккаунт id:F051F597BC65F454 и заблокировать участника форума под никнеймом @Дровосекза умышленную публикацию ложного материала.
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    A suggestion that I would like to make is adding text signs for labeling or leaving messages for people Another idea is adding wider variety of building options like corner foundation in rust.(This would be a hard feature to add i understand that this is hard and you would have alot to change about the game, which is a big task. I just hope you will consider this a good idea for the future of oxide and maybe it's something you could add when the game isn't in alpha. :) thank you i hope this helps. )
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    The Developers read all messages and replies normally on all of them. But when everyone creates a topic with the same message they getting ignored ? (If you don't mind reading topics from others about the same thing why they have to care about yours) And currently they are developing the game daily. And add new things and fix things 1 day after another. Showing some respect for their work is also a option ?
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    The hackers are running rampant. There are too many instances players are able to do things I'm sure aren't allowed by the very physics the game has. Flying, one shoting people with tools that wouldn't do this. Range with melee like they have a polearm. Various glitches where people can shoot you through the floor or even interact with chests through walls. You say you want to bring the best game with the resources available. Why not use something like steam's anti cheat engine? It almost seems like this game is becoming Conan Exiles with the updates. Things don't get fixed and then you have mods who would rather crack jokes then simply address an issue. Which sort of begs the question if they themselves are in on the hacks.
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    Banned, but you too have to be banned.
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    Аккаунт pasha_popa(A18615E42F6A89B7) не заблокирован
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    Bear trap which traps humans and animals in one place for 1 minute cost of this item 7 metal Turret which shoots bulets at enemies when they approach our base cost of this item whould be 200 metal and it whould need 50 fuel to work for 24h it whoulf have 2 sloths 1 for bulets and one for fuel
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    No shit sherlock i didn't know they were from ark this is just a representation to develepers of how somthing could look you just hating for nothing i didn't intentionaly said they should copy this i was trying to give them idea many people don't know what turret is especially becuse its used in Survival games and they aren't very popular
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    Здравствуйте. С новым годом??? Вайп может быть на след или поза след обновление.
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    We need new guns
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    Hey @LeMan The one that has created this Virus is me. I have infected almost 90% of the (Free) Mod menu's that contains cheats. Why have i made this? Since the mod menu makers put them on the internet as free and this destroys the game completely. I have warned a few of them if you put them free i will destroy your mod. The mod maker that i have been talking with spread misleading infomation. To talk bad about the developers.
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    Hi there, You were banned for cheating, there's no reason for your unban
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    No, no estoy ciego. Revisé el segundo video y también tiene una forma terrible de verlo. ya que muchas quejas también son sobre no tramposos. el segundo video lo parecia por su giro rapido pero aun asi no muestra nada. Entiendo en el POV de ustedes sus trampas. pero cuando tienes 1 año de experiencia con respecto a los tramposos. Conozco todo tipo de formas reales y falsas de hacer trampa. Entonces, si todos vienen con una grabación clara de él, entonces puedo verificarlo. porque si tiene aimbot, entonces él golpeó cada disparo en tu cabeza / cuerpo, pero ese no fue el caso.
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    Вы сделали пожертвование в игре для предмета, это не дает вам права не быть забаненным. Вы получили сообщение о неприемлемом поведении. И если вы не приняли то, как они обращались с вами. у вас есть возможность отключить звук или даже просто игнорировать человека.
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    Did u sirusly reduse the arrows damage .....stop listening to noobs and making the game noob friendly the errows needs a buff not a nerff ...increase their speed and damage so naked have a chance of making a play against a fully geared guy just like in pc rust ...and why did make non searched items unusable, just why ..it make the game a enjoying in the start ...reduce the scrap cost cuz there is no recycling yet ...it takes more than 30 hour of playing to search all items thats insane ...there is a lot of importent stuff that need to be done before anything Fix the jumping no sound bug ...if u spam jump while spring u make no sound ...and geared guys use this to sneak up on nakeds and kill them easly Rockets needs to be more expensive to make they are way too easy to get and raiding is so easy Nerff rocked gamage to stone walls and make it just like pc rust we are tired of rocked pvping when noobs loose a fight they just rocked u ....so make the fights in long distances to not get rockted in close range And for that u need to add scopes to the hunting rifle at least a 3x and add iron sight sensitivity and scope sensitivity and gyro semsivity and the Ability to increase the sensivity even more Make the boxes hold more just like in pc rust Ability to control buttons opacity size undevidualy ...these thing are more important than any skin or any item or anything else in the game so pls start by them
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    Are you serious rejtn neow
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    I’m sure you have been in PvP, then when your attacker is about to die, they log out of the game. This is an ongoing problem, people have suggested a Sleeping System that doesn’t allow you to Combat Log or DC. I feel as if, since this is a mobile game, you shouldn’t add that feature as people might have to log of in the open, as people play this game on the go. I feel as if a timer For when the player disconnects of 5 to 10 seconds should be put into place. Therefore, if someone is in the open and needs to log off, or is safely in their base, they can, but during combat, they can’t. WHAT DO YOU, THE COMMUNITY THINK? Tell Me In The Forum Page Below ? @[CC] xAnony @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev ?
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    Remove the guest login option so thay have to create another email account not just clone the app
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    Update just made a garbage game even worse. Hackers ruined the game and the devs just sat back and watched. Hey devs, collect your checks, dip out, delete this game, start a new rust rip off. This game is legit unplayable without downloading game guardian to have godmode, even still, your base will be wall hack raided. Never played such an embarrassment of a game before, this is just horrible...
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    Muhammad it means that you need to stop being God and destroy the world ??
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    I wish there was a chat to talk, when you add someone as a friend in your profile section a chat button appears like when you are in a game. For example, you are in your profile, you press the button and a chat appears to talk between the 2 without being in the game.
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    If you hit or damage a player, you will be in pvp mode or a which you cannot disconnect for a certain ammount of time like 1 minute if that 1 minute is over you can disconnect
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    Hi have to tried to delete friends and reenter the game?
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    It might be about the russia and ukraine war.
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    EB2B8BCBEF6A6236 Уже какой день данный персонаж убивает всех с аимом, кидаем всем сервером жалобы и не банит. Прошу принять меры https://youtu.be/_VFrPdsv0eY
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    Вас наверно много раз кикал анти чит и разработчик решил за вами последить и нашол у вас читы и забанил.