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  1. didi

    Update 0.3.6

    Хахахаха захожу после обновы а уже читеры арабы катают бред полнейший. Разрабы вы огорчили максимально добавили байт на донат а сами ничего не сделали это большой плюс для читеров а что будет дальше после того что вы сделали с уроном я вообще молчу
  2. didi


    Oxide project is one of the best. But I don't understand why such good works are going downhill? You see that people play and they enjoy it. They clearly explained to you where the disadvantages are. I understand that you also knew this, but you have such great support. But the strangest thing is that you said Update will be released much earlier. Yes, maybe some problems arose on the way, why can't you tell what happened so that we all know and understanding comes. No news when and what will happen. That's why we are so outraged. what what what?