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  1. Please ban them @Catsbit.Care, they are a clan of hackers!
  2. Please ban hacker de Speed y Aimbot BR#2 ID HACKER: 153FA159EC05DCDF IMG_0738.MOV IMG_0738.MOV
  3. Aimbot hacker in BR #1 please ban him ID: 944E725179938EF3 Lzin.Rs another video: https://youtu.be/jYYqKK1M88Y Gravador de tela-2022-12-08-17-33-50-307(0).mp4
  4. PELEGRINA : ) e DrakzinnTrem
  5. I was unfairly banned, I was farming when I got kicked and I was banned, for no reason I never used cheats and I never want to, please unban me ? I need to record video for my channel !
  6. Drakzinn ;(

    Update News

    What time will the update come out?
  7. Drakzinn ;(

    Update News

    Will you wipe the servers?