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  1. Forgot to add this but any clan member can save another clan member's server as long as their server is set to allow clan members to save
  2. I had this idea the other day and want to share it with you guys. We would like to be able to make clans. The ability of being in a clan is you can see what server anyone (who's in your clan) is in Features of owning a clan. You can merge clans or become Ally's You can do clan chat. If your in a random persons server you and your clan mates can chat privately without the outsiders knowing what your saying Clan voice chat. The same as the clan chat but with sound Sharing money/diamonds. People can send money and or diamonds Design a clan skin. Use a blank skin and the owner can design that skin Design a clan flag. Draw amazing designs on a flag. Or draw something stupid-_- Point is this game has the potential for one of the best games!!
  3. @hii thanks for pointing me in the direction of @Benjamin Wascher I really like the ideas of those chat commands.. Also. people making a server can disable some commands. For a lot less people spamming via chat commands.
  4. @hii you agree that we need more chat codes right? If you do. I think you'll like these codes #1 KILL CODE, <kill>player1284</kill>. Can work with, random player, all, and me, #2 NUKE CODE, <nuke>x=0 z=0<power=100>, this will be my favorite code #3 TROLL, <troll><random><blank screen>. The power of this code is to pick you own troll. Such as, BLANK SCREEN, blank their screen out. FREEZE, freeze their player Please and to this list : )
  5. @hii I really don't think everything is said. I think this game has the chance to be the best game ever
  6. I'd also like to add to my list Server settings. Adding, server Defaults. Set the joiner to not be able to delete or build, ADD ACCOUNTS so people can't take your name(it gets annoying when someone takes your name and says there you and makes you look like a fool), If you can an elevator would be nice, CAMERA be able to switch from. FIRST PERSON And THIRD PERSON. (It would be easier for players), I'll add more to my list soon, PS thank you to the commenters @hii and @RoboticViper
  7. This game is. Let's face it. Pretty lame... But I have some ideas to make it better.. First things first, All players are tired of trying to find there friend In some server. So add a friend list and let players be able to find there friends way easier, Second of all, add a tools section in shop. Containing, A paint tool, be able to paint you walls, floors, doors, etc, Modifier, the ability of this is to be able to change a behavior of a object. For example, Set a door to only allow selected players through, Set a transparency level, Set a vehicle to when someone enters the vehicle it can explode (would be a nice gag to do on your friends),, NEW MAPS, the more the merrier. so here are some interesting maps I and some friends came up with, #1 water world with a few islands. #2 snow mountain. Lots of snow and mountains. #3 dirt flats, all level ground no lumps or bumps, NEW VEHICLES, more vehicles means more fun. So here's a list of new vehicles I thought would be fun to have, #1 hydroplane, for the water world, #2 snowmobile, for snow mountain, #3 planes, because helicopters aren't enough, #4 tank, because they would be fun to shoot at people (would come with a hefty price but worth the money), #5 flying car, it would be great to be able to fly and drive around with the same vehicle, GUNS,. Shotgun, machine gun, Sniper, RPG, throwing knife, etc, RANDOM, NPC's, yoi can give them commands with modifier, SET PLAYER BANNING, cause there are some people you don't want on you server, That's all for now. Plz add you suggestions in the comments. Thx for reading