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  1. For the last time I will talk about the subject in e server Us14 there is a cheater his username is ROCKT LEE he uses hacks for example today I discovered that I integrate speed, fly and aimbot. The system does not detect aimbot I do not know why, but I know that with little speed in the hack can not be banned. I'm already married. Today I decided to leave the game until they solve it 100%. They are losing legal players and they are winning cheaters in the game.
  2. Cheater with speed when running. Note: the game has several issues like,allows them to use speed when running and aimbot. They could fix it because it doesn't allow players to play fairly. Thank you for your attention.
  3. Player accused of using aimbot. Evidences none only its user. It is from server Us14#. I ask that something be done against the immediate because it damages the game.