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  1. My suggestion for the current game would be a free vehicle and new, better tools. First of all, the game has paid vehicles. A free vehicle, like a bike or a motorcycle could be researched with scrap. These vehicles could have optional mounted guns or could be one handed so you can wield a weapon on the other hand, and would give a smaller advantage against the Helicopter and Buggy. Second of all, we need new tools. These tools would be researched with scrap and placed above the Hunting Rifle or Shotgun. One of these tools would cost about 100-200 scrap. An example would be a Chainsaw to cut trees and a Jackhammer to mine rocks. The tools could have a coolant or fuel system. Another reason these should be implemented is to use these for scrap or raiding. These would change Oxide a lot, and I’m not expecting this to be added immediately, but they would make Oxide a bit more favorable. add sword lol ? ? ? damascus steel rock ? ? ?