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  1. Bastanu'


    When ubdate will be here? We know u done but Google play don't say when they will aprove?
  2. Hacker EU#2 NAME nop3nop id- 6E51C42CC34CF932 2022-12-21-153742875.mp4
  3. Guys, i don't cheat, i can show u videos...
  4. I got paid without playing with the hack...... How could I recover the account because I bought premium, the name is Sk4ORege but I don't know the id
  5. Normal day in #eu 2 hacker id- 222587A657D8C947 Record_2022-12-03-17-01-00_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4
  6. Yes true on server eu#41
  7. BA51C051BEC35D40 id Record_2022-10-20-14-11-36_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4 Record_2022-10-20-14-11-36_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4
  8. AIMBOT id- Record_2022-10-19-20-11-44_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4 Record_2022-10-19-20-11-44_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4 DF1DA934AE12F570
  10. Record_2022-09-10-10-48-45_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4 Record_2022-09-10-10-48-45_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4
  11. Record_2022-09-10-10-48-45_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4 Record_2022-09-10-10-48-45_4ef2ebc844a075bb97173ed8673c7a1a.mp4
  12. Bastanu'

    Lost account

    I know but the email was stolen.... I'l just giving up
  13. Bastanu'

    Lost account

    I can't recover the email acount i lost it
  14. Bastanu'

    Lost account

    I lost my acount ,, Bastanu' " with in game purchases (santa hat) and i'm wondering If u guys can give back my acount