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  1. Catsbit please, you told me that I no longer sent you private messages and in the end so that if you never read them to me ?
  2. hello @Catsbit.Cuidado This hacker is bothering me a lot he plays on server 12# [US] and on 6# [US] his name is Santiago2 v2
  3. @titosupervivenciaXDD @cachu'us XDD @welynprint XDD @JOEL(+504) XDD
  4. Wait @Catsbit.Care what you are going to put in the Update is worth what you are going to put is better than the suggestion because it will be a waste of time and nobody will like it ?
  5. Good point but Catsbit didn't say they have anti cheat for hackers using Aimbot and Aimkill
  6. Buen punto pero Catsbit no dijo que tiene un anti trapas para los hackers que usen Aimbot y Aimkill
  7. Well hope Catsbit can solve that why we all wait for all this ?
  8. @[??] ?????? What do you think of this, did you like the ideas?
  9. Gracias por sus comentarios esperó que Catsbit agregué eso a la actualización ?
  10. @ Catsbit.Cuidado @ Catsbit.Dev Esperó que Hayan gustado mis ideas para la actualización de halloween ??? Para los demás el que tenga otra idea déjalo en los comentarios para Catsbit lo vea ??