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  1. this here is absurd, so many suggestions that we pass on to you are always the same thing (money) the only thing that is worth spending money and buying a server with total control of it Other than that, nothing is worth it because this game is full of hackers
  2. So it must be because of the lag, we who live in Brazil can't even play prime because of that. It was just you guys seeing how he killed, and another one I won't be wasting time with this game recording Hackers not being that and their duty is there to check
  3. There's no way to prove it, he knows how to disguise it well! Itwasn't wasn't a lack of warning, you should check it out, we'll be chasing a hacker for you to banish, and another thing that in-game reporting doesn't work, I'm tired of reporting and when I enter the server, the guy is killing everyone and laughing at us, I haven't recorded videos for 2 weeks because of the hackers, I even have the prime server more and very laggy for us who live in brazil is another thing about reporting in the game, not already tested and very expensive, they never worked ban, even if they were hacker even they don't care there and so they don't get ban I'm using a translator (I speak Portuguese) not everything comes out correctly!
  4. Speaking of which, the super original from prime he is a hacker! He pretends to be a normal player, I record videos more on the day he kills me, I had stopped recording a little before I found him on the island, He was running from me because he took a lot of shots, when he enters the wall of his base, all walled up, he stopped and gave a light 360 and a shot in the face without much effort! AHe uses a hacker but he does not activate the main options, only the antenna box, that I can say he is a hacker, because I am well known in the gamer and always when he is in a helicopter, He already comes right in me, and I'm hidden !! I don't have proof, because he knows how to undo well, but he's already got a little soft, too bad I didn't record it, all my friends say he's a hacker too, believe it or not