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  1. Look, I don’t really care if minors don’t listen to the 17+, but it’s their loss. I would like to talk about making the game 17+ instead of 4+. Or you can make the game 12+, it’s fully up to you since I’m not in charge of this game. I know it’s not much of a difference, but it will help. Are you aware of the NSFW servers that people are creating? Are you aware of the violent clans that are growing? Before this update, I have been spamming sex servers ever since the gun update occurred. I am also aware about a user named peaked that posted something, showing the user “CPTNskull”, yeah that’s me. I don’t spam for no reason. I spam because either the owner is being rude, or a sex server is happening and stuff. I am the only one taking justice, and people have been aware about what I’m doing ever since I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel, “Spamming a sex server”. Minors can learn sex moves and they can be doing nasty stuff at the wrong age. I care for everyone, I care for the kids, I care for the adults, but it’s not the right game to make nasty servers, especially in a 4+ game. I don’t really get the reason for making sex servers, but I have been making theories that it might be the $50 girl skin. If you ignore this, go ahead because I’ll be greatly upset about this game you call Sandbox 3D. One time, I told my young nephews about sandbox 3D. They have been disgusted about sex servers but they can’t beat their own curiosity. You have solved the spamming issue, but it lead to consequences too. The uprising of clans and “follow my rule” servers, the uprising of NSFW servers, and more. If you don’t completely understand about the NSFW servers that are going on, I will give another post in a more specific manner. I’ll give you two options catsbit, either make the game 17+, or enable spamming. I am sorry if I am being derogatory writing this and complaining, but it’s for the worst and the better. I prefer you should add an option to make clans or add friends and whatever to stay in contact. We are offering to work for the game, with some more rights than normal players do (free of course) You can also test us, we wouldn't abuse because we are players that helped the game alot, A violent clan is already gone, but there are thousands of others, 17+ or at least 12+ would be a good thing because there are many NSFW servers and many people that insult and rage and hate on others, i already posted some stuff on the forum, but catsbit ignored me. This post is written by two people, Alex9825 and CPTNskull. Thank you for having the time to read this.