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  1. Что Я Тебе писал Это? , Терпила бля
  2. 31F9261D6503ED6C Cheater Gives Headshot
  3. Я не тебе писал это , ты даже не разработчик


    Unban pls , if you unban i never use cheats anymore ID: FB3E5E90FEBAD641
  5. Dear Catsbit Team!, You need To Add this things For Game • Add Much Scraps On the Way • Change Assault Riftle • Remove "Not Learned Items" • Send Report For Owner Cheaters • And Fix AntiCheat (Always Kicks if you don't use cheats) • Add Metall Ore , And Big Metall Ore (in Rust) • update game graphics • don't add sleepers for Game , if you add slipers after other players Easy kills you , And there hasn't SPEEDRUN • Pls Update Farming (One Hit 20Woods , and 20Stones= Stone Axe) (axe = one hit - 50woods ) (picaxe one hit = 50stones ) One Tree = 1000 Logs(HP) One Stone Ore = 1000 Stones(HP) • and update slot servers 60/60 ) • update map • add function (you can create server from yourself)
  6. Pls Remove "Not Learned Items" plss
  7. Unban Me Pls NickName is I'm Kam1l
  8. Could You Remove "Not Learned iTems" pls
  9. Catsbit Team, Could You Remove "Not Learned iTems" Because There is Survival Is Very Hard, And Always Kills You , I don't learned metal armors yet, since winter update, pls remove it
  10. Как Это Ты сделал Пиши здесь
  11. Ban МесТь he is cheater In 7eu he is killed me By Aimkill, Cheat Name : 7C Tools Cheat Owner : FLASTMODS Cheat Cracker : Negrisio File : 7ctoolscrack 2.apk
  12. KAMIL_QR

    Important Poll

    Dear Catsbit, dev. I wish you can Read This Text It's important Tools For Game! I want to Add this items: • Update AK47 normally , change sound , head got 30hp And Change Shoot's speed quick to slow • add this guns: tompson , SMG, LRK or M4A1 and M241 • Change Game Graphics ( low - Normal - High ) • Add New Attires ( Metal Armor ( only.Head and Body )) • Update Factory and Gas Station and add stores for factory • Add function ( The Function Does you can Create your Server ) • Add New Commands For Game only ./teleport • Add Tools for Procces Creating Item It's My Idea For Game Good Bye )
  13. KAMIL_QR

    Chat bug

    My chat don't work please fix it . my nickname is I'm Kam1l