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  1. Please change my nickname.My teammates had a change name ([TSW] Romano,[TSW] Welyn],[TSW] Chrd,[TSW] Jhabbiee) Please change mine:( From NatsukiXD To [TSW] Hunter
  2. Hello developer's.Can you please change my nickname? In August 27 I search in Playstore ( Rust ) Because i wanted to play rust so bad. But I don't have a computer so I search it. And then I found Oxide Survival Island. And I name myself in game (ItsMeHunter). Then i hop in Us1 Server when I play the game some other players is being toxic to me. They are saying to me I'm trash and some other's swear words. And in November 9 my father buy me a new phone. I was so happy because I can change my name in Oxide Survival Island to undercover myself. I named it (NatsukiXD) then I meet Kap Romano in Us1 he was so friendly to me then he invited me in the clan. The group was (The Strong Wind) Welynprint is the LEADER of the clan. The clan was friendly and always active in the game i meet alot of players there. And December 17 my old phone was broken i was sad because my nickname was got and my second account can't change my nickname. Please DEVELOPER'S Change my nickname :( From NatsukiXD Into [TSW] ItsMeHunter