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  1. Screenrecorder-2022-12-05-18-07-59-996(0)(0).mp4Screenrecorder-2022-12-05-18-07-59-996(0)(0).mp4this player killed me cheating on prime server where we are supposed to pay for more security against cheaters please fix this problem about this cheater player, thanks..
  2. Screenrecorder-2022-10-07-13-48-03-620(0)(0).mp4 Screenrecorder-2022-10-07-13-48-03-620(0)(0).mp4 This error has appeared for 2 months on the "prime" server I thought that once the update arrived to "correct" errors it would be fixed but everything is still the same as hateful solve your errors please do you think it's fair that we pay for a service and it does not work