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  1. dear developers I was banned by mistake My team and I broke the house of the Arabs and they complained about me. Unban me please, I didn't play with cheat my ID is not specified, but my nickname is ArGuzik
  2. ArGuzik

    19 [Ey]

    Hello developers This player advertised cheats ID 4BBD3366579B6B15 19 Ey
  3. ArGuzik


    Hello dear developers. I want to ask a question when there will be an update. Thanks ♥️
  4. This player insulted a parent (Very disappointing) Please take action Translation: Your Dad went to buy bread A reference to the fact that I don't have a dad ID: 3873C3F93D2B38B0
  5. ArGuzik

    19 [Ey]

    Dear developers 2 cheaters were filmed on video at once. Aimkill AimAxe Please block access to the account for these players. Thank you for your attention A8429FF213D3A10F 9B5ADB9D2EF5A57 Video:
  6. Please unlock my account. ID 2C5C6AFAA9095E15