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  1. We realize and completely understand that other clans have given you and several others a hard time, but attacking us over past actions made by other people is completely unnecessary, and quite frankly, uncalled for. So please, do us both a favor and keep the hell out of business that never concerned you in the first place.
  2. We will not be taking down our post also skull and Alex with there SHR and dons clan can STFU
  3. ~Adressed to all Sandbox 3D and Survival Sim Players~ S.F.S CLAN IS NOW LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS We are a active group of close knit people who are looking to find new recruits to join our ever expanding clan. We have a Official clan discord server. Everyone is welcome! Requirements Include: Must play either Sandbox 3D or Survival Sim (or both) Must have discord And you might be wondering what's in it for you? Advantages include: The chance to meet new people and gain a sense of community Friendly PvP with other members Participate in base/server raids Chances to rank up Participate in Clan vs Clan PvP war Make sure to leave a comment with your discord user if you're interested in joining! -S.F.S clan