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  1. You can request for access and I will allow it just ask permission
  2. 9405EB9C0A5C813E- BAN THIS ID
  3. 6FB9209E5E6DE105 Ban him
  4. lirally lost all my loot bcz of your glitch https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BgZ8NMEDBmCAIMDgLYDO7Sh_t1320u9m/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. BAN HIM ASAP Using hacks aimbot to kill people I hope you can ban him for everyone who he have killed ,
  6. Project_12-12_HD 720p_LOW_FR60.mp4
  7. Please ban this hacker Player id - 603DE7D566E63E06 Project_11-29_HD 720p_HIGH_FR30_1024x576.mp4
  8. Project_11-26(1)_Full HD 1080p_HIGH_FR30_1824x1026_1550x872.mp4
  9. Hacker shown at : 9:11