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  1. His id is F3835B246662F964 I had armor on and he did 2 headshots and killed me i had cloth boots and leggins on me and he killed me with 2 headshots VID_20221223_161956.mp4 VID_20221223_162529.mp4
  2. They just dont even respond now..
  3. So your base is gone already..
  4. Did you know there was a wipe?
  5. Im sorry but 4 fucking hours please catsbit come on you can really do better... Pleaee just did you try everything like every device everything? because its like really annoying now just i want to play soooo baddd but just cant... Well i hope the best that it will be today and that youre really trying to figure it out
  6. Bumbac

    Update, finally!

    Hello catsbit can someone fix it??? Iwe been waiting so long for it and still nothing..
  7. Bumbac

    Update, finally!

    Hello catsbit?? Can you pleaee fix it..
  8. Bumbac

    Update, finally!

    Catsbit can you please fix IT?
  9. Bumbac

    Update, finally!

    Nope i play on xiaomi redmi note 10 pro and i just click and it shows black screen for 1 second and then shuts