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  1. Add double door and half wall and large storage box
  2. Servers are full most of the time
  3. Iphone voice chat is not working and people are shooting arrows through wall and where you are near tree or stone it kicks you out of server for no reason
  4. Nukes


    Hacker name almightygod Id 2EC962A7D5D1BCDF server us2 proof
  5. Iam sure people can’t cheat on iphone
  6. Nukes

    Anti cheat

    Please first deal with Cheaters with a permanent solution can’t your system detect that cheaters are shooting 30 bullets in less than a sec. Its so obvious you can at least make that system and ban them
  7. Just delete the game i have never seen this bad devs. Ain’t worth wasting your time
  8. Fix wheel on iPhone glitch can’t move camera while sitting
  9. It would be really fun if you guys add triangle foundation and wall roof