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  1. knna

    Eu #8 cheat

    Этот человек использует читы. но так как у меня нет хорошего видеорегистратора, то выкладываю сюда.
  2. knna

    Eu #8 cheat

    I can't record a video because my phone is bad. but this person is using a cheat and the whole server is complaining about it. others have reported this person on this site.
  3. knna

    EU #3

    I reported a player yesterday, and when I checked today, he was still playing his game comfortably with his cheat. After farming for a while, I entered my house and saw that person entered my house without breaking 1 door or wall. 24 hours of work was wasted because of a trick. and the person I reported.İD:CABC10063BCDEE6! can i get my stuff back??