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  1. Qerim1

    Chat bug

    Fix the chat in game Writes 1 message is not sent write back it is not sent it takes 10 times to write it and then it disappears please fix it
  2. Qerim1

    Wall hack

    3B7A9DD55AC09CDA Id Ban us#4
  3. Qerim1


    @Catsbit dev @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Guard
  4. Qerim1


    Please fix my account when I enter the game it freezes for 1 minute and it opens I have a video but it could not send my id is 5558621EF81A899C
  5. Qerim1


    My name is ElvisX [TZ]
  6. Qerim1


    fix me, the game is stuck for 10 seconds without moving and it unlocks and when I write in the chat, the message does not appear, you will write 100 times to fix it
  7. 6C242DBDBE293047 Id Ban eu#25 aimkill hacker Please ban @Catsbit dev
  8. Add in all server of 70/70 players no 50/50
  9. 9C0B27C7A98C1101 Id hacker in us7 ban please
  10. D016B1D165B7B09A id is hacker in us4 ban @Catsbit dev
  11. Qerim1


    Natasha_YT Hacker ban us7
  12. E0342E4B002A316C I'd ban us7 please ban is hacker