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  1. Deer Catsbit, please ban hacker with aim kill in 3 EU server. 3B57BD3DC1C9763 cheater
  2. DEER CATSBIT, Please, ban hacker with aim hack, speed hack, spider hack. He kill me in 40m with auromatic riffle with cheat. He is 10 lvl, id A617D86300BAE37C. 95 EU. PLEASE BAN!!!
  3. Deer CATSBIT, please, ban hacker in 95 EU server. He kill me with more loot. He use aim, speedhack. 8 lvl. 58D61F9BAD71E54E id
  4. Hacker EU 95 aim bot id CBFD97031D08347D BAN PLEASE Читер ЕУ 95 аим бот айди CBFD97031D08347D БАН ПОЖАЛУЙСТА