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  1. Why you dont ban hackers you say no one will play with aimbot hack and now almost in all servers are hackers fail update fixxx it
  2. kristi.kd1

    Kick bug

    Fix this bug because is soo bad when you ubgrade fondation with stone you got kicked and when you again in base you got again kicked. Fix this bug
  3. Why you dont add sleepers this game its soo boring because you spend ammo and rocket and you dont got nothing because they go disconect. I wast my time to craft booms and 0 loot.I dont wast my time in this game if you dont add sleepers
  4. Pls ban him this is the second time he kill me with cheat.
  5. kristi.kd1


    Where is update and wipe ?
  6. kristi.kd1


    Where is this wipe