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  1. It would be cool if you could add /home that means if you have a sleeping bag you can just type in chat /home and teleport to home or will navigate you to your home and command /sethome where you can set your home location obviously.
  2. Paronix

    why cheat

    Yea they ban cheaters a lot like i enabled the chat and i saw like 10 people getting kicked for suspected cheating.
  3. Thanks man i really hopw catsbit answers because i just started playing the game i played survival simulator back in 2019 and then i came back and realised that they made a new game called oxide survival at first the game seemed really dumb it looked like a copy of rust and then i left again then i came back played for a bit and then the game seemed fun i think that oxide has so much potential but the problem are updates if there were regular bugs fixes and something new i know it takes time but come on. btw thanks for replying.
  4. -When is gonna be the next update. -Do we need workbenches to make iron stuff. -Why is there only community servers runned by you why cant we make our own servers? -Will you ever update AntiCheat am not saying that its bad am just curious. -Will you add more weapons to the game? -Why are you not updating the game that much like i think that last update was 2 years i go i think? Thank you Catbits Team pls reply.
  5. Also one more thing -Making the cars explode,for example as i said that drive by should be in the game it could have get damages and making them explode. -Crouching+Proning,for example if someone made a parkour map it would be easier to prone and crouch also this includes pvp when you are fighting. -Ragdoll system,i think that it needs a little bit work its kinda broken if you ask me. -Body Armor,Althought i really dont like the idea about body armors because its hard enough to kill one dude with full health so its kinda stupid but it could be a kinda nice touch for the game. -More skins,it would be cool if there were like rp skins just like kinda more rp skins like all of that. Night/Day Cycle,Makes it so that there are night and day it just adds more realism to the game and i think it would fit perfectly into rp maps. And thats it bye bye. Thanks Catbits Team . I hope you answer!
  6. Nice ideas but i have a couple of my ideas i would like to share -Night and Day Cycle,it add more realism to the game and it would fit perfectly to the rp maps. -Ragdoll system,it needs a little bit of work cus sometimes ragdoll system just glitches out and it looks really dumb but funny at the same time. -New Backround Screen,I think that we need a new backround screen the old one is not that good dont get me wrong it would be cool if you could add a better backround screen in the game.
  7. Paronix


    Ragdoll sistem is really broken everyime i shot someone they just go flying in the air glitching all over the place.
  8. -More english servers -Drive-By -Add new locations -Jump into cover,it means if there is any wall or a car you can press a button and just get in cover when you are pvping it just makes the game a lot easier. -Snow whenever its x-mas it would be cool if there was snow that will last about a week or two. -Shooting at cars,Make so that when you are pvping and you hop in a car and the enemy can still shoot you while you are in the car because if they shot you while you are in car just stone will appear and nothing else i hope you get what am trying to say. -More guns in the game,It would be cool if there were more guns in the game like grenades,molotovs,ak47,etc -New Backround Screen,i think that its time to update it it has been there for years so please make a new one -AntiCheat,Probaby the most important thing here althought there werent many hackers here its still a great thing to talk about Thats it,I hope some of these stuff get in the game Thanks Catsbit Team.