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  1. Is this a hacker I mean I know he is but you like to tell me they aren’t
  2. That has been that way since they came out with turrets y you even playing bro you are banned foooool I’m no fool you the fool that uses hacks
  3. Reason for blocking is hacking, cheating, aim bot,wall hack and kick disconnect.
  4. Dam dude you strait ignoring me ?????
  5. You got caught hacking that’s the bottom line.. everyone’s excuses are the same (omg me hack noooo I’m iOS) lol
  6. Gina your whole team hack and yet u don’t like it when they kill you . Ur a lil bully and a sneaky hacker that keeps getting away from getting banned!!!!!!!
  7. You hack also stop crying and you even live with the hacker everyone on prime is complaining about !!!!!!!!!
  8. jonwik


    Why don’t you tell them about your friend that is hacking also id:7AF3D354316D1616
  9. People that hack are messaging to ban someone when themselves are hacking!!!!! It makes no sense !!!!
  10. jonwik

    Workbench reset

    Ok when you first updated the servers as I. Restart everything was to start from scratch. I bought tokens and unlocked everything. Then 30 minutes to an hour later no one could log in. Finally we log back in and I had no workbench and completely naked on the shoreline with everything on the workbench locked again
  11. I purchased tokens after the update to unlock everything and you guys started fixing bugs and it locked everything back up on my workbench !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?