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  1. donat on the account; Сява225 Transfer Donat here: [aim]Сява225 The reason for the transfer: I abandoned Oxide And decided to give Donat to my Younger Sister , she will need more . I ask you to transfer the donation
  2. and the receipt for the purchase of Donat should be thrown off here?
  3. hello, transfer the donation from your account Сява225 to the account [aim]Сява225
  4. Hello, I've been playing for a long time I know all the bugs of the game I play on 75 EU I have a big clan, I applied to the admins refused me:( this is very sad for me since there are a lot of cheaters on EU servers, I would like to become an admin or at least an admin assistant. I know Russian English Spanish , I know Indonesian and learn Arabic at the moment, I speak languages well. My nickname is [aim]Alifka