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  1. You're complaining to a staff and a developer that doesn't give a hoot about hacking. If they did care, this issue would of been fixed ages ago. Just figured I throw that out there.
  2. YukiPyro


    Monuments in the game, like gas stations, the factory city and the new one, need to have a bigger radius. Players can literally wall off monuments a few feet away from monument. This also ruins the play experience as players are not able to get to the monuments unless they buy the helicopter. Anti cheat needs updating as well and another suggestion would servers to have admins to maintain the peace when players get a little wild. As for update, but time you brought in the shotgun trap!
  3. Also Slick, maybe you are in with the Devs since you can admit to being a hacker. They did ban your account named Snuggles. Who knows, your account named Error 504 can be next.
  4. Dude, you're the one that is following me around from Oxide to here. So the child here is you. All you are is a cocky person who uses hacks and spews racial slurs in chat with your pal Dice. At least i don't have to hack just to gain the advantage. Only losers who can't play need to use hacks.
  5. Are you able to help me with a name request? I was told to put a ticket but so far I got no response.

    1. YukiPyro


      Okay I just wasn't sure and appreciate you responding. Have a good day.

    2. YukiPyro


      Is there a reason why I'm not being responded too but other tickets are. Noticed others with requesting name changes were answered.Β 

  6. No this has nothing to do with that. Also, I would ask if you not bring up in game nonsense on my ticket of me requesting a name change. Someone such as yourself should not be chirping when you were previously banned on Oxide.
  7. Are we able to request a name change for our accounts for Oxide? I would not ask this if there was already an option to do so.
  8. How about update your fucking game and stop lying to the community. So many bugs, so many hackers and an outdated shop. Either admit you only made this port to gain some easy money or actually fix the game. If facepunch and Google find out about this, oxide will be shut down.
  9. The Devs to this game could careless about hackers. They made this rust mobile port from what I see is just a way for them to make a quick buck. They also made this port without the consent of Facepunch whom owns Rust. Do not expect updates or any fixes. The Devs won't even answer tickets or comment on here without making excuses. If Google play finds out what the devs are doing this game would be removed from the playstore.
  10. I understand and appreciate you both for taking time to explain.
  11. Why are they still showing in shop then? Isn't that false advertising of in game sales.
  12. Oh okay and it's odd they can do that without backlash from Facepunch.
  13. This game desperately needs an Update. You have an outdated shop, the water detail needs upgrading. You added Animal fat and fuel which are both useless, you can glitch your axe swing when entering inventory then leaving it. When shooting a weapon, the bullet or arrow doesn't go far, Animals can be glitches into a foundation. If you are going to copy rust then at least do it the proper way. I don't get how Facepunch hasn't done anything.
  14. Hello, I am curious are the developers to this game are in any way connected to Facepunch/Rust. And is the approach for this game to be like Rust? As this game and Rust has a lot in common.