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  1. So this is a question alot of people are asking. When is the the update for 2023 coming? And what info on the update can we see ? For example there is alot of cheaters /hackers that use God mode , wall hacks I don't see a point building anything wheen people walk straight through your walls . Is there going to be more things similar to rust Reason why I'm asking is because many people love the game but more people are leaving because hackers are taking over and I'll rather see what's happening for the next update to so if anything is there to stop hackers anti-cheat system or a path that senses added modifications and sends hackers to a shadow banned lobby so all hackers can play together without ruining hard work non hackers create. It's very frustrating and your Loosing alot of players or loyal customers the longer it goes I love the game just like alot of people I just wish to enjoy it without dying to people who can't take damage Thank you for your time please get back to me asap Your sincerely Andrew from New zealand ??