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  1. Insulting family and dignity id: BB95B4E909A93365
  2. id: AB8B136C3C23EE81
  3. Please monitor this player and check for cheats. There is no evidence. The use of software was observed. It turns on when using.
  4. Re-registration of the cheater
  5. It's not a very good day. What do you mean, we will fix it? They have already written to you with a similar problem. Why should I farm the same amount of this resource like an idiot and get nothing for your mistakes. I am a sponsor of your project, and I will ask you to return the resources spent to me, I don't care exactly how you will do it. I'm wasting my time and money. Please stir a little. I will move on, I am silent about other more serious problems in your game that are ignored. Including what communications are taking place in it…waiting for your reply
  6. Ответ уже есть на этот вопрос
  7. I left a complaint, the player with cheats is still playing. Is this already in the order of things for you? ? EU#29 nickname: loli gert How much can you fuck?! How many cheaters will I post and you will be idle. Not only are you delaying the update, so even ban it
  8. Developers and administrators, good day. I want to offer you several options for a comfortable and interesting game. (1) First, actually, zoom in on the map. You don't need much. It is better to reduce the number of servers at the same time. (2) Add an exit timer. Provided that the character takes damage, he cannot exit the game for 5-10 seconds (this is at your discretion and tests). The game will become a little more honest (3) The most important thing that I and many fans of oxide hope for is that you will solve the problem with cheaters in the upcoming update. The whole process of the game becomes terribly unpleasant and painful for the nervous system, and even more so if they are children.? (4) Administrators on servers with intermittent arrivals. (It can also be people who just play on this server). They must pass the check and make a report on the locks. (For example, such as me ?). (5) Chat. Diverse chat. Paid or depending on the level of development (this topic can be disclosed for a long time. (at least different colors.) I want to be able to see a friend in the chat in green. Little things. There is also an all-available voice chat, it does not work. For example, I play on iOS, my voice chat is not available. (6) Perhaps what is very boring in oxide is the weather conditions. Such as: rain, thunderstorm, snowfall, blizzard. There are few animals and with poor movement. There are not enough birds, wolves… (7) Bleeding, shortness of breath, fatigue, slow running as a consequence, a change in the character's consciousness. (8) Agriculture. Vegetable gardens. New fruits. Not just one pumpkin. ? (9) Flags, banners made by crafting. A new sewing table. The same is the repainting of armor. Perhaps some trophies are carried on themselves or located on the house. Good luck!??
  9. Nota ho buttato fuori 11 imbroglioni su EU#29, ancora una volta si prega di prestare attenzione a questo server, e rivedere i reclami di nuovo. Perché queste persone non sono ancora bandite?! Vedi sotto!!!?
  10. Proverò la lingua disponibile per te? Sono nel gioco da molto tempo, tutti i server sono stati riempiti con imbroglioni, di solito hanno 10-15 anni, non è realistico giocare a tutti. Smetti di dormire e fai già qualcosa. Non sono un bambino, sono un ADULTO che vuole giocare tranquillamente al tuo gioco preferito sul telefono. Inizia a lavorare, smetti di vergognarti di catsbit e della tua squadra, che forse non c'è più!!
  11. In general, I once again went to play quietly, and some scarecrow kills me with a cheat tip in the head and takes away the things I did for 3 hours, okay if it was a one-time and rare. Developers, I didn’t get a job as a snitch or moderator for you, I went to play quietly with honest players, your game is a complete humiliation and disrespect for yourself with such characters, and you don’t do anything about it. I'm tired of writing in support, I just delete this unsuccessful education in the Internet space. ?? Disrespect for the players from the developers. Shame??, shame??, and more shame??
  12. Please ban a player with the nickname bluH_xz for using auto-aim on the head. This time, unfortunately, without video materials.
  13. Игрок FRIEZEmax, сервер EU#29, был забанен только вчера, сегодня продолжает играть и губить сервер. Разбанил сам себя с помощью чита. Прошу обратить большое внимание на этого игрока и данный сервер. Человек не даёт играть обычным игрокам вновь и вновь! ______________________________________ Player FRIEZEmax, server EU#29, was banned only yesterday, today he continues to play and destroy the server. He unbanned myself with the help of a cheat. Please pay great attention to this player and this server. Man does not allow ordinary players to play again and again! _______________________________________id : B0ED34B91880C954