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  1. Sandbox 3d used to be a great game, but now there is so many toxic people the game isn't fun anymore. I've gone into so many servers and have been insulted, kicked and repeatedly spawn killed for no reason. And there is always someone trying to destroy my builds, so i have come to a conclusion that around 90% of the players are extremely toxic, finding a player that is actually friendly is getting very rare, especially because of the toxic clans that just make the good people quit. That's what happened to all my in game friends, they all quit because of the toxic clans and players. And it has come to a point where there is nothing i can do about it, so i am just quitting the game. I tryed to make peace with some of these toxic clans, but apparently they just want to destroy the game. The worst part is the toxic clans act like they are always in the right, they think they are making the game better, when all they've done is destroy it. The worst player I've met is hanz, I'll name the bad stuff he's done so people know how toxic this person is. 1. He's a liar. 2. He acts like he's always in the right, like he is just better then everyone else. 3. He's very rude to people for no reason. 4. He deceives people to think that his clan is good, but it's actually very bad. There is some of the things he does. And, he once said that he will destroy my clan, but right afterwards he hired other clans to do it for him. What a noob. And so, i give up. The game just isn't worth fighting for. No one will be seeing me or WDG ever again
  2. Yeah dogs would be a cool addition to the game
  3. So, earlier today hanz came to my WDG server. Basically he threatened to destroy my clan, and that we should back off or else. And pretty much what i told him was, that he isn't intimidating, and that I'm not going to give up. About an hour later, someone from tgt joined the server and told me that their is now a bounty for WDG, he said that whoever is able to take us out gets a lot of money. He also said that this information came from hanz. So is this actually for real? Or is he just lying If anyone knows please tell me.
  4. Well today i got about 5 new members, and before that we already had nearly 20
  5. So, recently someone glitched into the secret area of the WDG base. And then another one came to check it out as well, but one of them decided to record the secret area and uploaded it on YouTube. And the room they went to was a room for WDG members only, and they got the wrong idea and thought that our intentions are bad. But i the leader of WDG am here to tell everyone the truth, so people know that we have good intentions. So the main goal of WDG is to destroy the clan, nazi. The reason we want to do this is because the nazi clan basically just wants to takeover sandbox 3d, and i didn't like this so i created WDG a clan made for destroying the nazis and nothing else. We want peace, and after sneaking in to the nazis clan i found out that the only way we will get peace is by fighting them. So basically anyone who joins the nazis is just saying "i want to help takeover this game, cause war and be an absolute nuisance to anyone that wants peace." So yeah, i really dislike anyone in the nazi clan. WDG is growing fast, we will end this war soon. I know it