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  1. hacker in 92 eu server Id:165F2277DF3F908D
  2. Id:EE578FFBF491248F Hacker used aim kill Pls banned
  3. id:AFB9604DC623FFED Pls ban hacker
  4. 4F5266B7D4EDF996
  5. Id: 78A6B69FA4269677 Hacker used fly hack
  6. Id:889B0CF546282A2F Nickname:[STE]ORBIT IN HACKER AIMBOT
  7. Please ban hacker Id:D38D273529D14D4D Nickname:Mr_гей
  8. Id:2A43EE9860E01A26 Nickname:[HACK]МВП20
  9. Id:D053D8937224FAB Nickname:[Dk]густаво Aim, speedhack, wallhack,fly hack
  10. Id:ABA71A33C14E11E9 Nickname:Дядя Вася!) Aim, speedhack