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  1. Dear developers! so first of all the game is fun to play BUT why did you named a game to "sandbox" if there is a very very small limit of placing items? So you should just delete that limit or just make it 1million item placing limit i mean VERY VERY huge coz this sucks and it is NOT a SANDBOX game! Second of all, more vehicles: ikr we already have some emergency vehicles, traffic cars, lorries BUT thats NOT ENOUGH! we need taxies, trucks with attachable trailers, offroad truck, racecars, muscle cars, sedans, compacts, tow trucks (with working service / auto repair shop mentioned in 4th point), ya know make some life in a SMALL city. Third thing is more type of roads, like: highway, bridge, highway bridge, tunnels (also some hills or mountains), offramps for highways andnhigway bridges, 4 lane roads (not highway), one way roads 4th point: working buildings... I mean like enterable buildings with an interior "world" or smt: police station, fire station, houses, garages, auto repair shop/service (with tow truck mentioned in 2nd part and with working crash physics mentioned in the next point) also some shops or gunshops, you know for roleplay stuff and also just for having fun while playing BRUH 5th part: Crash physics, so since if you will add tow trucks and working repair shops it will be needed, so like if it isnt visual then atleast just a health bar for the car, also defectablr tires like bruh u made a non-sandbox game with small amount of placing limit, basicly nothing useful in it and barely something in it like EPIC BRUH man... Btw the game is fun but useless