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  1. lengs

    Update 0.4.1

    Добрый день, дорогой разработчик! Я купил батарею и автомобиль в игре сегодня, но только батареи были оплачены, а машины не были оплачены! Надеюсь, вы поможете мне разобраться! Поскольку я не могу опубликовать изображения на форуме, я отправил вам соответствующие платежные подтверждения в личном виде! Пожалуйста, проверьте его в своей почте! @Catsbit.Care
  2. Здравствуйте разработчики, сегодня я купил две вещи в игре, как артиллерия и автомобиль, но только артиллерия пришла на мой счет, а автомобиль не, пожалуйста, помогите мне решить эту проблему, спасибо! Ниже приведены мои подтверждения покупки.
  3. Will there be a discount in the store if it is updated? Or will something new be added?
  4. lengs


    I really wonder if there is something wrong with you. Did I fucking force you? You idiot, you curse as soon as you come up. Wow, you have such a tutor! Your parents taught you to chew other people's dicks, and then dogs barked here? Did I ever scold you? On the contrary, you dog will come up and bite me without talking to you! Go to hell, you stinking idiot!
  5. lengs


    Did you fucking call your mother? You idiot, do you have quality? I fucking asked the developer. Did I fucking ask you? Where are you from? You call your mother every day! Fuck you, you idiot, you idiot! Talk well, will you? You can't talk. Didn't your parents teach you? Are your parents just as retarded and have no quality as you? Waste thing
  6. lengs


    We were cheated by the developers again! Damn it! Now I know what developers are good at! What he is good at is deceiving us players! I finally saw him!
  7. Сегодня день рождения оксида, так что когда он будет обновлен?
  8. Есть ли сегодня обновления?
  9. Есть ли сегодня обновления?
  10. Will it be updated on August 1st?Does anyone know? Please reply to me.
  11. Didn't you see the official reply to you? You did report him in the forum, but the official reply was that the video link you sent was not available, so the official couldn't find out whether he cheated, so he didn't seal his number!
  12. If you don't report him in the game or in the forum, how could he be blocked? Besides, the plug-in test is weak now, and he won't be named at all if you don't report it!
  13. lengs


    Can you tell me what measures you have taken? When will this anti-cheating system be released? We need him very badly! @Catsbit.Care