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  1. Everyone start reporting this game from Google and IOS until the developer takes his head out of his ass. Everyone knew all these updates are nothing but a waste of time, instead of working on a new anti-cheat he emboldened the hackers in the game. Catsbit, you make so many excuses. 1 day there will be a time where you will either get sued by someone for negligence or false promises. People spend money on this game, just to go outside and die repeatedly by hackers. I don't know where this developer lives, but one of these Americans or someone from Dubai will eventually hit you with a huge lawsuit. Your #1 priority should be anti-cheat, not some dumb spinning wheel that does nothing while hackers wait for you by the door.
  2. Ryker.Official


    So you could have released this version..a long time ago. ? Hopefully you stick to your word.
  3. Oh yeah? Tell him to remove me then. ?
  4. Now this guy, says the TRUTH. ??? These Indians and there 3rd floor scammer call centers isn't enough...now we have to deal with their dumb children on games.
  5. Your dad definitely didn't come back when he said his going out to get milk. ??
  6. You are right, he is a 12-13 year old. This kid can barely wipe his own ass, I don't think he will develop a game trust me. ?
  7. @Catsbit.Care You can't take criticism. Why don't you release a real statement for those people that pay and fund this game? Is it that hard to give 1 or 2 news updates a week? Do people not deserve that in this community? You can't really convince everyone this is just Unity fault right?
  8. I literally know people spending money on your coins, you need to hire more people or look for professional help.
  9. You seriously need to start communicating with everyone better, people paid for your games. The least you can do is weekly updates even if there is NO update.
  10. It's actually 2 hours to 10 days depending on the application, like if it's a game or just another utility add.
  11. Spread love, spread peace? But you're cursing and being disrespectful since you've joined the forums. ? You know why? It's because you're an immature little teenager. You spreading fake news isn't surpsing to anyone.
  12. You're obviously some teenager that's just trying to stay relevant. You're the one wanting to become a GM not me, then lie to people. ? Your English sucks by the way, I'm still trying to make out some of your sentences. Stop trying to act cool and give people updates on news you or me don't know about. You are a no body kid. ?
  13. This is what you said "From where you get the information that iam sitting here and saying to catbits to make me moderater.? Lol what a child who's making a story and telling me like an old ages man.??I appreciate your hard Work try more again.hope for the best iam telling to that person who deserves that reward.?"" Well here you go stupid, you are a very bad liar.