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  1. Yesterday I had connected at 2 am to play for a while on the server 4 us between and I was in my clan base I had metal and I was able to bake When I just put it up, it came out that I was banned for cheating and even though a hack hasn't even come out yet, I don't know why they banned me when I was baking something, any mod that could help me, that's the only one What do I use and what have I had for 1 year? I have progress on the us 22 guest server and on us 4 My username is [RMV]papitas
  2. Today, July 27, 2023, while I was playing, water fell on my phone and I dried it when I finished drying it, I entered oxide survival by mistake, I kept my finger on it and I put delete by mistake and now I put my In-game name and error my user was "[RG4]matabue" Can you help me to recover it since there is a lot of progress :(