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  1. Could you make everything like 80% off on black Friday. And make Seasonal events where you can craft more things like. For example, a coffin that has double the storage and can stack on top of each other and being able to buy the pumpkin helmet again for Halloween.
  2. Now I have your email address, thank you
  3. Please reply if you think this is a good idea.
  4. Could you make it so you get your own server? That's built into the game On your device, so you can play offline and invite friends to play online. So you're not always disconnecting because of bad internet.
  5. Could you make it so when you link a Google account you can link it to multiple oxide accounts? And when you go to connect to one, you can pick which one you connect to. If you have any extra ideas on this, make sure to reply.
  6. Hi developer


    Could you add a note that requires one cloth to craft, and you can write on it and put it in boxes, So your teammates can read what you wrote; And other people can also write on it, but if other people try to write on it, will delete what you Writed.
  7. Also add caves and make it so there are lots of nodes in it, And also, it would be very cool if you could build in one a couple of pockets in the mines.Also, if you do add the mind, can you also a bucket that sits at the bottom? And if you jump on it and then click on it, it will slowly go up and so it's just easier to get A round in case you do Add the mines.
  8. Could you also add components if you add the recycler? So if you recycle them, you can get metal fragments, high quality metal, and other components that you can also recycle, one component Although there will have to be one component that will not lead to another component, for obvious reasons.
  9. Can you make It so Every Day that you have the prime stat, you get one coin? And that you get special discounts too.
  10. Speed hack and followed my exact movement a meter away from me Got me to 1 hp mohamed8809/56EAF1E6DF3A9C0C Could you guys make a account for yourself in game that we can contact if we see a hacker. And that people can request To be an admin, and in case a hacker tries to become an admin, Check account's of requests.
  11. To protect your House from hackers. On the roof of your house, add a little lip. So they can't Spider-Man, their way up.
  12. Hi developer

    Read it

    To protect your House from hackers. On the roof of your house, add a little lip. So they can't Spider-Man, their way up.
  13. As you know, in your game, you made it so when you're running, you cannot hit something. Will someone found out how to crouch run. They/he was And is now,using it to hit people at light speeds. It's faster than running normally. I honestly don't even know how to perform it myself. Please fix it.