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  1. Congratulations Katya 🥳
  2. Why baneed everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Do you want me to direct you to a good psychiatrist?
  4. Show me the message proving that I said this
  5. I don't know how to play? You are an idiot. You do not judge players without seeing them if you come pvp with me You won't survive for a minute
  6. You said he was a cheater i dont say anything
  7. You should go to a psychiatrist. Whenever you see me, report players in prime. I only see players reporting cheaters in prime server. Idiot
  8. Salim:(

    New update

    Can you give us some information about next update (lumberjack) or date did the recycler It will exist in this update? There are wipe in the next update ?
  9. Because when you laggy and back to menu your character stay in the game
  10. Idk tat's player use hack in prime server that it very rich or donkey
  11. Yeah i know katya and I watch her clips i dont say She cheats i say there cheat for ios
  12. Какая бессовестная женщина, которая изменяет и требует твоих прав 🤦
  13. По сути, они удаляют читеры, а затем добавляют другие вещи.
  14. В принципе должны убрать читеров со сцены, а дальше наступает очередь творческой мысли
  15. У вас слабый интернет или вашу учетную запись использует другое устройство.
  16. I know its so difficult but not impossible
  17. There are payed hack for ios
  18. Я всегда копирую свое сообщение лол
  19. I got killed from a cheter from 45 meter headchot and they dont got banned wtf this anti cheat like base have no door
  20. Pease ban 2 freind cheting 1BF4496FFA32E32F E79159AE503961C3