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  1. Он нормальный, он не использует ничего из этого.
  2. MikanzZ


  3. I'll tell you, because you and I have different interpretations of alpha, when you add a new feature, if it's close to perfect, it's beta, if it's less than beta, it's alpha, and what you're talking about sounds like it's not even the foundation yet.
  4. They have the ability to add new ones, and you know it.
  5. MikanzZ

    PVE glitch

    It's as weird as getting shot dead by a turret in a safe zone.
  6. MikanzZ

    PVE glitch

    Also, fix the blast furnace fire going out when the server resets.
  7. MikanzZ

    PVE glitch

    When will the bug of getting shot by a turret on a pve server causing damage be fixed?
  8. Xim solo 0.2 use wall hack The administrator is not blind.
  9. As for C4, it should be added to damage the door. Now oxide is not very interesting imho.
  10. capacity put in the tc. larger chest added. packing bombs and c4 added. additional cargo ships and oil rigs added. I also want a patrol helicopter.
  11. No hack Because it's stopped and laggy
  12. 638D2BFF512120D3
  13. MikanzZ