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  1. The only way to play this account is on my daughters phone Can you see the chat above
  2. Can you see the chat above
  3. Im needing to transfer my old account to my new account i went from ios game center to google play both are linked to my gmail somehow but i cant access my lvl and my my stuff i purchaces a new prim believing i had to start all over My old account id is xXJOEBIRDXx Id:B40F89DC6E7F9456 My new one JOEBIRD92 ID:728B6C8818733A4F
  4. Can open chat see chat and other people message but i cannot type and send message in game chat please help
  5. How can i get access to my account if i do not have the game center on my new phone i went from apple to andriod
  6. How do you get kicked for cheating flying in a copter you spent money on and now your looted and have to run 50 miles that is so bad with that kicked for cheating i never have cheated in this game take off auto kick and add something like you can report 3 times a day only and if you get reported 5 times then get kicked fix the game ive spent money on and support y'all
  7. Joebird


    Add a pail 5 plank 5 metal fragment to craft and allow us to collect water from water source and boil it on camp fire
  8. This would be a great game but look at all the people complaining about cheaters running underwater Spiderman hack wall hack please fix this player id A4B406B0F68FF8DB